Monday, January 17, 2011

Design Dilemma :s

We have a dog!  It has adopted us, and we are slowly coming to the realization that he is going to stay.  Isn't he good-looking?

With a dog, comes a need for a doghouse.  Thus the dilemma.  What do you do with a doghouse in a garden?  It's like floss.  You know it's in the bathroom somewhere, but you don't want to see it out on the counter!

A garden, I believe, is a place of beauty.  Of joy.  Of nature.  A doghouse just seems - unnatural.  So, do you elevate its status and make it a focal point?  Try to hide it with climbing vines?  Just what do you do with a doghouse?  Compost piles, trash bins and other utilitarian objects can be designed to be hidden away.  But the dog needs to have access to views, so he can protect the masters.

There are a couple of places I'm considering putting the doghouse:
Under the trees by the driveway.  Close access, shade in summer, but also one of the first things people see when driving up, and possibly in the way of extra parking.  
Farther out, by the vegetable garden.  Easy viewing for the dog, not in the way of any vehicles, but no shade in summer.   

Stay tuned.  I'm certain there's a perfect spot out there, somewhere.


  1. He really is a handsome dog, and looks loyal and sweet too.


  2. FlowerLady - You must be a dog person. He is exactly that - loyal and sweet.


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