Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To Transplant or Not To Transplant

I'm having an argument with myself.

You see, the tomatoes are growing from seed.  In the house.  (I never got that greenhouse put together.) They are not very happy.  I am not very happy.  They are quite leggy.

However, according to my father, who is the tomato expert, you can plant them with most of the tomato sideways under the dirt and they will be fine.  Legginess is o.k.  

But it bothers me.


I don't want to put them out too early.

But I am tired of tending to them.  And it shows.  I forgot to water them for a few days.  Most of one type died.  And the rest of the vegetable garden is beginning to perk up.  Tiny, but alive and growing.


But the vegetables outside are mostly cold weather vegetables. 


It's been much too cold, wet, and rainy the last couple of days to work outside much.  But it should warm up soon.  And then - then it will be perfect weather for transplanting the tomatoes.

Oh, I know it's a bit early to put them outside.  A late freeze could demolish all my plans for tomato sauce, hot sauce, and fresh tomatoes.  And Easter is late this year - my personal crystal ball for foretelling the weather.


Still, I am tired of them in the house.

But they really aren't any trouble.  They don't make any noise.   They don't run around the house.  They don't tear the place up.  

And yet - like guests that stay too long - I want them out of here!

Although I suppose I can try to be a good hostess for a while longer.

Grrrr.....How much longer can this madness go on?


  1. Your last paragraph is how I feel about them too. Funny...

  2. I understand the feeling...The good thing is that you have chosen the plants that you will be planting. In my case, because I do not have the discipline to remember to start my seeds early, I buy seedlings that Home Depot chose to sell. I do not have a choice...but you did. :(
    Hang in there, Spring is right around the corner!

  3. I didn't do any indoor sewing this year because I had an extreme case of I don't want to -itis. I just knew mine would be going days without watering etc etc. My compromise was to just throw some seeds on the ground outside and hope for the best. It has worked before so you never know!

  4. Know what you mean! Sometimes I think it would be great just to send away for a variety pack of 60 veg plugs offered in some of the gardening magazines... but then I think... well, they still have to be hardened off (possibly grown on indoors until weather improves) and planted out etc.

  5. You've come this far, don't give up now. Come harvest time your efforts will be worth it!

  6. Greenapplesgarden - I guess gardeners put them out when the mental ordeal is just finally too much!

    Helen - I remembered to plant seeds because I was itching to do something and it was too cold to play outside! The main thing is you will have fresh produce. Yum.

    Jess - that is how farmers planted for thousands of years. You may be surprised how well it works!

    Kelli - Yes, babying those plants is just part of the process, I guess. I'm just not used to having to remember them!

    Darla - Yes, I feel (today) that I can wait it out a bit. I'm looking forward to harvesting time!

  7. Ah, the problem of leggy transplants. I also get sick of the fungus gnats that seem to come with the fresh potting soil. It doesn't help that we aren't reliably frost-free until Mother's Day. Can't wait to see your roses start blooming - mine won't get going until July.
    And aren't those HL walking sticks just amazing?

  8. Yes,really funny, its great to hear someone admit to the frustration of seed growing. Jess,too much information about the (sewing) of your knickers. Only joking Jess, phew!

  9. Don't give up now! When will it be safe for you to plant them outdoors?

  10. Don't give up now. Hey, we have all gone through our forgetful and discouraged gardening process.My tomatoes get leggy to from growing indoors but like your father said you can slant them or plant them deeper and with some sun they will come right out of it. Your radishes and lettuce are doing really well. When they get bigger you can thin them out and spread them out. It is all worth it when your plants take off and you have those veggies to eat.

  11. VW - Mother's Day! That is a long time away. Our roses should bloom in another month or so. I have often contemplated getting a HL Walking Stick, but only had pictures from the catalogs, and I never really knew what one looked like. I loved it!

    Alistair - I'm glad I'm not the only one frustrated! I want each seed to make a big producing plant and I feel responsible for them.

    Our Family Garden - It won't be long now. I could probably put them out in a couple of weeks, but will probably wait a little longer. Our nights have still been getting down in the high 30's, which is cooler than usual. I'm still wondering if we'll get any more late freezes.

    Hocking Hills - Yes, all this frustration will be forgotten with the first bite from a home grown vegetable! Thanks for your comment about my radishes and lettuce. I love eating those fresh-from-the-garden vegetables!

  12. My hubby planted his last weekend (also zone 8). He couldn't wait. He will replant if necessary. He buys plants though, and so has no issues of wasted time and effort growing seedlings that succumb to a cold night.

  13. Cynthia - My husband wants to go ahead plant them outside, too. Mine are all heirlooms, and I am wanting to save the seeds. I think I'm going to put a few out, put a few more next week, then more the next week, etc. That way, I surely won't lose them all!

  14. Just thought to pop in again to scroll past all your roses. Today we got snow AGAIN and it is so windy and gray. Seeing your little seedlings gave me a smile.

  15. GWGT - Sorry to hear about your snow! I am just taking a break from weeding - it's in the 70's today. I hope you thaw out soon. Spring is almost here!


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