Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My New Friend

Another rose picture, you say?

No, look closer!

I almost missed her, too!

She had been in a different rose bush just the day before:

I think we're getting to be friends!  

And I would have taken more pictures, but I saw this creature when I was crawling around in the rose bush:

I could just imagine it caught in my hair!  
So, I decided to say goodbye to my new friend, for now.  I'm so excited she has found my garden.  I hope she likes it well enough to lay eggs!

Until tomorrow, my sweet!  

PS:  If you want to know more about the praying mantis, check out www.theprayingmantis.org.  There's loads of information there!


  1. Dear Holley, When I first started gardening in US it was all about the flowers. Soon I discovered the wonderful wildlife my blooms attracted to my garden. Your new friend is fascinating. P. x

  2. Great photos... Isn't it neat that so many neat little critters love our roses??????

    Hope your new friend stays and raises a family there!!


  3. Holley, I'm with you about the spider LOL,.... but I hope your little lady stays and stays... fabulous photo!

  4. I like seeing them too and wish they would pop up in my garden. I see them at the farm, but not here. So beneficial.

  5. I love your new found friend. The spider, not so much, lol. I usually find them in the roses after I have stuck my nose in for a whiff. I am so enjoying your rose photos. More, more.

  6. Well done on spotting this regal insect Holley! It's been years since I last saw one in the flesh :)

  7. I haven't seen one of these in ages either. What strange looking creatures they are.


  8. Holley I haven't seen one in my garden but I am hopeful they may be there...I'll have to check out the website...great pics

  9. Pam - Gardening is multi-layers, isn't it? Flowers, foliage, birds, insects, design - oh, I could go on and on!

    Betsy - I imagine she was hiding behind the rose hoping something would come by to pollinate it, and she would have a meal! But she looks so pretty peeking around that bloom.

    Cathy and Steve - The part I loved most was when I would move, she would move her head around to watch me! I admit - I was a little scared of her!

    GWGT - I'm surprised they haven't found your garden already. Maybe you should capture some from the farm and place them in your garden!

    Tufa Girl - haha That's how I found this one! Scared me!

    Yael - I'm sorry you don't have any there. They are very interesting creatures.

    Mark and Gaz - I saw a baby one earlier in the year - maybe the same one! I hope I see lots of babies next year!

    Cher - You cracked me up! haha I agree - a very odd looking thing!

    Flower Lady - Those eyes are something else, aren't they?

    Donna - The website really is full of facts and interesting photos. I was so glad my photos turned out well. My camera always seem to focus on something other than what I want it to!

  10. Great photos! I found one the other day as well. So bizarre. I love it how they turn their heads and look at you haha. Someone told me they capture hummingbirds.... not a fan of that as we have a lot buzzing around. I can't imagine how they could, but maybe it is true. Those and the walking sticks crack me up. Great shots. Had to laugh when you said the comment about the spider in the hair- I would have left too!

  11. Oh, how fun to find the praying mantis! I am always so excited when I find a creature like this and feel so honored that they chose my garden to hang out in :-) I KNOW you are enjoying the rain today!!! Finally something substantial :-)

  12. HolleyGarden, maybe it's their season, and we all should be on the look-out. I know I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. It's always better to be prepared for "a meeting" and not startled by something that grotesque. Fewer heart attacks that way.

  13. A great find! I had no idea that a praying mantis could have wings. Hope she sticks around!

  14. What big eyes she has, a real beauty and great photos! Kelli

  15. These creatures are a favorite of mine as well. They are interesting, beautiful, and help with the bugs!

  16. kacky - They are funny when they turn their heads to look at you! A little eerie. I have heard of them catching hummingbirds, but I would think this would be a rare occurrence, and not their usual prey.

    Toni - The rain has been wonderful! I'm hoping we're getting back into the fall rain cycle now.

    sherry - haha You're so right! They are a little startling when in full sight, but when you're caught unaware, they can be very frightening!

    Indie - I wondered about her wings, and wanted to get some better shots from behind, that's why I was crawling around in the rose bush. But after seeing the spider, I didn't care that much about knowing any more about her wings!

    Kelli - The better to see you with, my dear! They can see up to 50 ft away!

    Sage Butterfly - Well, they are interesting, and a help with the bugs. But beautiful? Not so sure about that....

  17. I've never seen one of these bugs in person but do they ever look like aliens in photos. I'm not sure how I'd feel coming upon that in the garden.

  18. What a find! I bet she is finding all sorts of bad insects to eat and chow down. You'll see tons of babies in the spring for sure.

  19. Very cool! I love running into friends in the garden, even the spidery ones.

  20. Marguerite - They look like aliens in real life, too! haha It's a bit scary to see them. I'd flip out if one ever jumped on me!

    tina - I think she is quite happy hiding behind those blooms. Sneaky! It'll be fun finding tiny little ones next spring!

    Caroline - I don't usually mind spiders, but I don't want to get too close and personal with them!


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