Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I bought 'Cinco de Mayo' rose on impulse.  It was there.  I was there.  Why not?  That was the total sum of my thought process that went into buying this rose.

Not recommended.

Roses are very unique and individual plants.  Some play nice; others are divas.

But 'Cinco de Mayo' has been a great addition to my garden.  It's like that commercial where the young woman giggles that her man wants it "All the time!"  Ask me when Cinco de Mayo is in bloom and I'll giggle "All the time!"  Well, I probably won't giggle, but I could.  It's that good.

I love its ruffled blooms.  And the color is unusual.  The blooms have a smoky lavender look to them - in cooler weather.  But the lavender is easily lost when it gets hot.  That doesn't matter to me.  It's a blooming machine.  Cinco de Mayo does well in zones 6 though 9, has a slight scent, and is very disease resistant.

Do I love it?  

hehehehehe  "All the time!"


  1. Great impulse buy! I like the ruffled blooms too, and the vibrant colors. I guess they do well in the TX heat?

  2. It is so wonderful to find a rose that does well for you. I have bought roses on impulse always, but now my garden is so overplanted I have had to slow down... I liked looking at the pictures of it, the color is really unusual.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the dappled light in some of the photos.

  4. Holley,

    I like this rose. Looks a little like a subdued version of "Hot Cocoa".

    Most of my buys are impulse buys.


  5. Very pretty Rose. When you find a good one I'm sure it has to make you smile a lot.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Its great when an impulse buy works out. Love the Rose not one for the cooler climate though.

  7. Bumble Lush - Yes, this plant blooms very well here in our heat. As you can see, the colors of the blooms vary, and the heat affects that even more so. But, it likes our heat and keeps on pumping them out!

    Masha - The color of this rose is very unique. Red, orange, wine, lavender, pink. I suppose it could drive some crazy with its many variations! You never know exactly what color it's going to be.

    GirlSprout - This rose is in a lot of sun, so it's hard to find the right time of day to take pictures of it. Thanks for commenting.

    Crafty Gardener - I think it came out about the same time as Hot Cocoa, which is a bit darker than this. And Cinco de Mayo's blooms are a bit more ruffled. I've grown Hot Cocoa, but had some problems with it. Of the two, I'd recommend this one.

    Sunray Garden - It does! I have some that never make me smile. I need to do something about those.

    Alistair - Gardeners in zones colder than 6 (0 to 10 degrees F, -17 to -12 C) have to really research their roses for cold hardiness. I suppose an impulse buy in a cold climate could end up being an annual! I'm lucky to live in a climate that's not too cold, although our summers can get a bit extreme.

  8. Glad your impulse buy worked out for you. It's great when that happens.

    Being a heavy bloomer is a wonderful thing.


  9. It is a beauty. So many colors in one rose. Sort of like Jacobs Coat. LOL! Great impulse buy.

  10. I received two "Cinco De Mayo's" for my birthday in July. Thus far, they are proving to be very disease resistant and great bloomers! They are beautiful roses. So glad to see you are enjoying them too!

  11. I like it and probably could add some more to my gardens. The different shades of color are interesting.
    Ohio Outdoors

  12. Very funny - I don't know the ad, but I think I could use that saying for lots of things :)

  13. Flower Lady - I love heavy bloomers. The roses that don't bloom often worry me! ;)

    Bridget - Exactly. What's not to love?!

    Lona - It does have a lot of different colors. I think some people may find that a little disconcerting, but I find it very interesting.

    redneckrosarian - I hope yours continue to do well in your garden. What a wonderful birthday present!

    Ohio Outdoors - If you like the colors, you should give these a try. I only have one, but a hedge of these would be gorgeous!

  14. Happy Homemaker UK - The saying is fine. But the ad is very annoying. Very fake, and we make fun of it. I hope you stay safe in the hurricane.

  15. Beautiful!! I love it when an impulse buy works out. Mine usually don't - but I'm learning. I love the dsifferent moods and colours of this rose.

  16. A very pretty rose, Holley and a great impulse buy. Nice when that works out too. I refrain on impulse because of nowhere to put them, but it is hard to walk past one with so much color!

  17. Such a pretty roses! Your roses look so healthy! Most of mine having wrinkle leaves...i don't know why....

  18. GardeningBlog - I know a lot of people thing impulse buys are bad, because they don't fit into a plan, but my garden would not be the same without impulse buys, and I would have missed out on a lot of wonderful plants that I found by accident. Of course, sometimes they don't work out so well!

    GWGT - Right now, I have the space. I suppose when I reach that point where I am full, no more impulse buys! What a sad day that will be for me - I've grown used to going, looking, and impulsively getting!

    Malar - The first thing that I thought of when you said wrinkled leaves would be spider mites. You might want to check for that. Mine get different diseases and such. I'm still learning and thinking about replacing some that never look good.

  19. I am loving it, also. I have been watching them at FW Botanic Gardens and they always look nice and are always blooming.

  20. Tufa Girl - Good to have a second opinion! Thanks for chiming in.

  21. Good impulse, Holley!
    What a beauty, love the coloring and the fact it is disease resistant!

    1. I agree, it is a beautiful rose. However, although I get a lot of blooms I also get a lot of black spot. I pick those leaves off - only to find more diseased ones a few days later. I don't have leaf debris at the base (I am a Master Gardener); but this black spot has me ticked off ! BTW, I live in central Florida

  22. Karen - Isn't it wonderful when an impulse buy works out well? The longer I have this rose, the more I love it. There's a lot to be said for performance and easy care!

  23. Cinco de Mayo is a very enthusiastic performer up here as well, and at our June flower show, my friend Teresa got a Best in Show award in one of the top categories with this rose. Fab impulse buy!!

  24. Cathy and Steve - So nice to know this plant performs well there, too! How exciting for your friend! It really is a pretty rose bloom.


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