Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where's Waldo?

Do you want to play a little game?

Can you find and identify all the little creatures in these photos?  (Most are bugs, but not all!)  Give yourself a point for every creature you find and another point for every one you identify.  You may click on the photos to enlarge them.

Answers and scoring are at the bottom of the post!














#1 One point for finding the Ladybug, one point for identifying the Ladybug,
one point for finding the aphids, one point for identifying the aphids, 
Bonus point if you found the ladybug nymph, another bonus point if you knew what it was.

#2  Crane Fly (one point for finding, one point for identifying)

#3  Soldier beetle  (one point for finding, one point for identifying)
Bonus point if you found the second one!
Another bonus point if you knew soldier beetles eat aphids and grasshopper eggs.

#4  Cat (one point for finding, one point for identifying)
Bonus point if you identified it as a tuxedo cat.
Five bonus points if you knew this cat's name was Hershel.

# 5 Praying mantis (one point for finding, one point for identifying)

# 6 Dragonfly (one point for finding, one point for identifying)

# 7 Bumble bee (one point for finding, one point for identifying)

# 8 Carpenter Bee.  Looks very much like a Bumble bee, but the black body and black spot on its back gives it away.  (one point for finding, one point for identifying) 
Bonus point if you knew the difference between, and correctly identified, both the bumble bee and the carpenter bee.

# 9 Praying mantis (one point for finding, one point for identifying)  
Bonus point if you correctly found and identified both this praying mantis, and the praying mantis in #5.  Yes, there are a lot of praying mantis in my garden this year!

#10 Hummingbird  (one point for finding, one point for identifying)
Bonus point if you identified it as a ruby-throated hummingbird.

#11 Long-legged fly   (one point for finding, one point for identifying)
Bonus point if you knew that these eat spider mites.

#12 Grasshopper  (one point for finding, one point ((and my sympathies)) if you knew its identification)

40 total points possible.

Now let's see how you scored!

If you scored:

  0-1 points         You are a Blind bat.  You need glasses!  Make an appointment to see an eye doctor today!

  2-6 points         You must be a Bug squasher.  Put down the bug spray!  Either you just started gardening, or you're afraid of all bugs!

  7-12 points        Anyone can see you're a Butterfly lover.  But it's time to learn about other bugs that may be beneficial, just not as pretty.

13-19 points       You're right in the middle.  You already know so many creatures, but there's millions more to learn!

20-24 points       You're a Bug lover.  Your garden must be home to many beneficial creatures.

25-29 points       You've got Eagle eyes.  You are quite observant of your surroundings, and notice all the many creatures in it.  I bet you rarely ever walk through a spider web!

30-35 points        You've earned the title of Insect whisperer.  You are on your way to becoming an entomologist!

40 points             How did you know the name of my cat!?!

So, how did you do?


  1. Stupidly I found all the bugs but didn't see the cat!! Should have gone to Specsavers!

  2. That was fun, I scored 19 points, still lots to learn for FlowerLady.

  3. 24 points - almost Eagle Eyes! #5 was hard to spot, but I completely missed the cat in #4 - looking for something smaller.

  4. Cute idea! I didn't keep track because I'm reading this at 10:30 p.m., and I'm a little sleepy. But I enjoyed your images. I didn't notice the cat either!

  5. Oh man, 7. I only know the generics. Jeannine

  6. Fun game Holley! 'Right in the middle' here :)

  7. What a fun little game Holley. I fell right in the middle. Have a great long weekend!

  8. So fun! I definitely missed a few things, like the second soldier beetle and the ladybug nymph. But I am pleased to know that my prescription on my eyeglasses seems to be fairly up to date! ;) Enjoy your weekend!

    Sheryl @ Flowery Prose

  9. Fun! What a creative post, and there's real info here. I'm sort of in the blind as a bat category, but I blame age and my glasses more than inexperience. This was entertaining!

  10. This was a real funny game! And difficult, with my 18 points I still have to learn a lot. Identification was difficult for me and I missed the cat totally.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. I scored 22! FUN! I began laughing when I noticed Hershel. He's a good hider!

  12. Found every bug but didn't know the extra information on a few (except the ladybug, aphids and nymph). So it was a score of 15.

    I enjoyed the information and the photos!

  13. Cute. I'll be seeing the Opthamologist soon. Maybe I should have enlarged the photos instead of squinting.

  14. Great blog! I found everything - I spent ages looking at picture 4 after immediately disregarding the cat...doh!!
    I'm right in the middle so I don't feel so bad :)

  15. Very clever! I was much better at finding than identifying and scored in the middle range. The only thing I missed entirely was the cat, which is particularly amazing since I have 2! Maybe that's because mine aren't allowed outside so I don't "see" them there.

  16. I loved this post. I didn't keep score, but I think I did ok. Your cat is named Hershel? How adorable!

  17. I saw the cat right away. I didn't keep score, either, but saw all the big bugs. Cute post!

  18. Great post...kept my brain engaged!!!

  19. Cute game Holley. The cat was my favorite. I had to enlarge to see it. The hummingbird was a close second though.

  20. Haha! This is a fun and unique post! No 9 is my favourite! I sooooo wish we had those little fellas in the UK! I love them!

  21. I'm a blind bat, I have trouble seeing small things. Definitely time for a trip to the optometrist.

  22. I must be a Bug squasher. But I'm not afraid of all bugs!How did I know the name of your cat!? It's in the title.

  23. That was indeed fun and VERY informative. Sure I knew some of this but not the in depth treatment you provided.

    One bug you did not have was a big green beetles of which I had hundreds and hundreds flying around by yard yesterday!! Not a good bug to have much less invasion!!


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