Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Most of my lilies are new to my garden.  That makes them especially exciting for me to watch.

First day:

The anticipation grows.  What will be inside that pod?  When will it pop open?  This lily is quite large, larger than the palm of my hand!  I am giddy with excitement.

Second Day:

Just beginning to open!  I am thrilled beyond words.  I am mesmerized by its perfection.  The beauty of this lily as it begins to unveil its charms is almost miraculous.  I wonder if the bees and butterflies came by to welcome it to the world.

And, yes, I realize I need to deadhead the roses in the background!

Third Day:

Fully opened!  It's entrancing.  I can't take my eyes off of it.  Each time my eye scans the garden, it is caught by the loveliness of this grand bloom.  It welcomes a closer encounter, as each tiny part is perfectly formed.  Butterflies begin to flutter in my stomach - I have fallen in love!  I can't wait until the other lilies begin to pop open.  Come July I will be ordering a lot more of these beauties!  

I am deep in the middle of a lily infatuation.  What plant is infatuating you this year?


  1. These lily pictures are so pretty! I like to do that too--take pictures of my seedlings or flowers in various stages to watch their progress. Right now my hydrangea plant is infatuating me. We have this little affair every spring. ;)
    Happy Gardening!

  2. Popping pretty!

  3. I love lilies....any plant that can withstand this drought we are in has my attention right now.

  4. This is indeed a very beautiful lily! It is touching me, that you can be so excited about a single plant. I can very much relate to that!

  5. Lilies are great. Also a fan of delphinium, lupin and tall phlox. It's exciting seeing them all come to life.

  6. Beautiful and I like how you caught the progression photos. Still waiting on mine to bloom.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  7. I'm still enjoying my lily infatuation of a few years ago. Then there's the clematis infatuation and the hydrangea infatuation and the rose infatuation... The last few years it's been hardy fuchsias. A nursery nearby has hundreds of varieties for dirt cheap prices and so I'm, well, smitten. What can I say? You've got some fabulous lily photos!

  8. My lillies don't even have buds yet, but I am eagerly anticipating they're blooms. They're planted in front of the living room windows and their scent fills the house when they're blooming!

  9. I hope the roses don't hear of your new love or they'll be jealous.

    I planted some new lilies this year and one looks to be ready to open very soon. Can't even remember what its supposed to look like and even with it label that wouldn't help me. It's not as tall as I thought it would grow. Now my stargazers are almost 4 feet tall and still growing.

  10. The time of lilies is the best time in the garden. They bloom with roses and other delights which make for a glorious season.

    That pure pink is stunning. -- Nell jean

  11. I love it! Isn't it fun when that one special plant just captivates you, I always get so snap happy with my wisteria and hydrangeas this time of year. Enjoy your blooms, they really are beautiful!

  12. Your lily looks beautiful. I have exercised remarkable restraint in not buying any for fear of starting another obsession (ditto for irises and clematis). Roses are enough, although I am a little partial to pelargoniums :)

  13. Bumble Lush - I love hydrangeas, too, and have always grown them in my garden. It's nice, though, to find a new plant to swoon over!

    GWGT - lol Thanks!

    Darla - So true! I know my garden would be much prettier with some rain!

    Christina - I get excited about all the plants in my garden. It really does seem like a miracle to me that they grow and bloom!

    Kelli - Oh, you named some great flowers. I agree those are worth a little flirtation!

    Cher - Mine are just starting. Some different ones opened this morning. It's so exciting to me since I don't know what will open up where.

    Grace - haha You sound like me! It's good to be love a number of plants. That way, you're never disappointed.

    Shannon- You paint a beautiful picture of the lilies in front of a window, with their scent wafting in. Very smart of you to plan that.

    GardeningBlog - I think they're quite pretty!

    Marcia - I'm not going to tell my roses. They're in between blooms now, so I can look at other plants and they'll never know! My stargazers haven't started opening yet. Like you, I planted lilies and don't know what to expect until they open! A fun surprise!

    Nell Jean - I've seen some gorgeous pictures with lilies in them, so I decided to give them a try. I'm so glad I did! They are just as striking in real life.

    Julia - The gardener's reward. We probably wouldn't do all the work if we didn't get to sit back and enjoy the beauty.

    Masha - Oh, I agree. If you ever fall off the cliff of lilies, irises, and clematis, there will be no turning back! The good thing about these, though, is that they compliment the roses so well.

  14. What a fun post! I agree, Lilies are fascinating to watch as they blossom. For me this year the fascination is with Mayapples--mainly because I've taken them for granted in previous years.

  15. PlantPostings - Mayapples are a fascinating plant, too. We tend to take for granted those plants that are well suited to our area, and don't need a lot of pampering from us.

  16. Lovely lilies. I've never tried them - I suspect they don't do well here. My favorite right now is the pavonia, which is putting on the best show, with cheerful hot pink blooms against deep green foliage.

  17. Cynthia - Thanks for the recommendation for pavonia. They sound lovely. I will have to look into them.


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