Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunshine for Bloom Day

The majority of my plants are now in bloom.  
But the ones that are new to make an appearance lately have been mostly yellow. 
They bring a ray of sunshine, a bit of cheer, and a splash of bright color to the garden.


These are a dwarf variety that stay around 2 ft. tall.
Every year their blooms gets bigger and better.

Threadleaf coreopsis. (Asteraceae verticillata)
Isn't this the sweetest little thing?
And the foliage is fabulous!

Yarrow.  (Achillea millefolium)
I especially love the foliage.
I'm not sure I love the flowers, but they are certainly showy.

Coneflower. (Echinacea)

It was fascinating to see the petals unfurl.

 Peruvian lily. (Alstroemeria)
For some reason these flowers remind me of a bridal bouquet.
These have a variegated foliage.

Hey!  What's this?  How did this get here?  
This is supposed to be an empty bed.  I'm waiting for fall to plant a camellia here.  
I guess Mother Nature decided to plant a little spot of sunshine instead!


  1. I really like your yellow display. The Peruvian Lily is a knockout which I only see in flower arrangements here. Happy GBBD.

  2. What a sunny garden you have today. Brings joy to me!

  3. I forgot it was Bloom Day. How did that sneak up on me?

    Your garden is lovely as always.

    I'll let you know when the irises are ready to be thinned. I have more than purple to choose from.

  4. Mellow Yellow for sure. I need to send you some of my Rhapsody in Blue Salvia.

  5. What a golden spring you are having. I have a lot of yellow and gold potted up for summer, but the gold I have is all in the daffodils.

  6. I really love the orange coneflowers in all their various shades but have no luck with them. I am wondering if yours come back.

  7. Your chorus of yellows is lovely!!! Happy GBBD!

  8. You sure have a lot of sunshine in your garden! I love all the yellows, and now that I have seen yours, I think I need some of them too...

  9. Your yellow garden is so nice! I realized that now I have a purple terrace instead... :D

  10. Dear Holley, Not everyone likes yellow flowers, but I love them, and yours are amazing! They bring sunshine into the gardener's day whatever the weather. P. x

  11. Just look at all of the yellows you have blooming in your garden. Sure does brighten up the dreary day we are having here.The Peruvian Lily is beautiful.

  12. What lovely shades of yellow you have. I love your cannas and your Peruvian Lilies.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  13. GWGT - It makes me smile every time I walk by it.

    Jeannie - There's something about yellow that just makes one smile! It's one of my favorite colors, because it seems to always make me smile.

    Marcia - When the blooms are numerous, it's easy to forget the date!

    Greggo - I went to your blog and saw your yarrow and salvia together. A great combination!

    Commonweeder - I am quite a bit ahead of you. I think yellow loves the summer heat!

    Carolyn - yes, they come back every year. That is, if I don't weed them out (I tend to be quite vigorous when it comes to weeding - something I'm trying to change).

    Jo - Happy GBBD to you, too!

    Masha - I love them, but some seem to clash a bit with my softer colored roses. I think that's why I'm not completely happy on the yarrow. It's a stronger shade than what I would really like in that spot.

    dona - I love purple, too. A purple terrace sounds very relaxing.

    Pam - I love yellow, too, as you can see. They seem to attract the butterflies, too.

    GardeningBlog - Happy GBBD! It's fun to see what's blooming (or not) every month!

    Lona - There's nothing like yellow to brighten things up! The Peruvian Lily is becoming one of my favorites.

  14. FlowerLady - For some time, I wondered if I liked the cannas, but have decided I really do. Especially since they stay short. And they love our heat!

  15. Thank you for sharing your flower photos, how I needed to see this today!

  16. Thanks for dropping by! :-) (That first photo is a pink Wax Begonia with 'rust' foliage and the 2nd is my Clematis Daniel Deronda, a stunning purple but the petals fell off in the on-shore winds we've been having daily in the evenings here this week!)

  17. Beautiful flowers, I'd love to have all those plants! The only one I have is Echinecea and it is about 2 inches tall! All the best, Kelli.

  18. Pam - You do need some sunshine after the surprise snow you received!

    Jo - Loved your clematis, even without the petals. Will have to research that one.

    Kelli - You make me chuckle! 2 inches tall! I have one echinacea (white) that is about 3-1/2 ft. tall! It surprised me this year - it wasn't that tall last year, but it was in the shade and I moved it. It must have like the change!

  19. Hi Holley, Happy Bloom Day! Seeing photos of your echinacea makes me look forward to seeing mine in bloom later this summer. I'm with Kelli, they are only about 2 inches tall right now. The Peruvian Lilly is so pretty, I'll need to keep my eye out for that :)

  20. What wonderful gifts of nature you have here. Beautiful blooms and nice foliage. Happy GBBD!

  21. oh that mother nature. Always looking for a spot of open ground to fill in with unexpected colour.

  22. So like Mother Nature to take advantage of a fresh bed! I just planted a yarrow...have never had much luck with them. I'm afraid my soil is too heavy but I love their foliage and appreciate the spots of yellow too. I'm hoping it works out this time.

  23. I enjoyed seeing all the colors of yellow...very nice! That Peruvian Lily is stunning! Happy GBBD Day!

  24. Beautiful yellow blooms....mine will begin in earnest this summer....

  25. Jenni - Even though we're both in zone 8, I think you've received a lot more cold and rain than we have. My echinaceas have been blooming for over a week. I hope you can find a lily!

    Autumn Belle - And the foliage is sometimes more important than the flowers! I like most of these flowers' foliage - thin, thick, or variegated.

    Marguerite - Isn't that the truth? At least it was a nice rudbeckia instead of some of the weeds she could have planted there!

    Cat - I hope your yarrow works out, too. Mine are in pretty sandy soil. They also like dry, dry, dry!

    Sage Butterfly - Isn't it funny how our gardens go through different color domination throughout the seasons. Mine were purple in early spring, red later, now yellow!

    Tufa Girl - I can tell from your avatar that you like yellow!

    Donna - These are usually mid-summer blooms, aren't they? Everything's a little early here this year - my blooms think summer's here!

  26. I confess that I'm not a canna fan, but those little yellow ones are adorable. Love all the cheerful yellow - we're grey and rainy here again this week, could use more yellow sun!

  27. It surprises me how so many people don't like yellow flowers, you have shown us some beauties today. I have planted quite a lot of Alstroemeria and am looking forward to a good show from them.

  28. Those Alstroemerias are lovely - I've always struggled with those with my soil and I just end up admiring them in florist bouquets.

  29. I'm with you--the yellow flowers are always good for a smile. So cheery!

  30. I love yellow flowers best, I think. They bring cheer to a garden! I was tempted by the yellow yarrow this year, as you say, by the foliage. I withstood that temptation; maybe next year I won't!

  31. VW - Hope your weather clears soon for you. I enjoy the little cannas, too.

    Alistair - You're probably right in saying a lot of people don't like yellow flowers. Maybe it's just the shade of brightness they really dislike, and would like a more pastel yellow. I've always loved yellow - in all its shades.

    leavesnbloom- Isn't it funny how particular plants can be sometimes? Maddening to us gardeners that want it all!

    Stacy - I really don't think I could be unhappy for long around cheerful yellow flowers.

    Cynthia - These were part of a package deal, and I contemplated throwing them out, but was persuaded to give them a try. Love the foliage. I love the yellow flowers, but I'm not sure I like them where they are in the garden. But, I have no where to transplant them, so I probably won't move them.

  32. Love all the yellow! Your Peruvian lily and Coneflowers are lovely. Happy GBBD!

  33. Lee- I love yellow, too. And I'm so glad to have my coneflowers! I've weeded them out several years in a row - I'm finally learning what the small ones look like!

  34. I love, love, love yellow cannas! Everything looks fabulous! Great job!

  35. Kelsey - Those yellow cannas are really looking good this year. Which is odd, since we've had very little rain.

  36. Lovely, so cheerful. Even where it wasn't expected :-)

  37. Mac - Yes, I got a new plant to transplant elsewhere! A nice gift.


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