Friday, June 24, 2011

Ring Around The Rosie

How fast can a flower be pollinated?  
Take a look!

This bee comes in for a landing:

Goes around to the right:

Then to the left:

And on to the next one:

Where he starts his routine all over again:

Obviously, he's an efficiency expert!


  1. They are fast little buggers. I was watching one the other day on an Echinacea and he was frenzied trying to get to everything on there.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. What terrific pictures.They do move around don't they. Gorgeous flower.

  3. What beautiful pictures.

  4. Hi Holleygarden,

    Your photos are stunning! What camera are you using? I have been wanting to take the time to read your past posts, so this weekend I will carve out time to enjoy your lovely blog!
    Thanks for visiting me!

  5. Cher - They do seem to keep their mind on their business! This one had a system!

    Lona - I always wonder how they know which flower to go to next. I guess it's just something bees know, and we don't.

    arignagardener - Thanks for the sweet comment.

    Karen - Thanks for wanting to read more of my blog. I have just a point and shoot camera (a must for me!). It's a Canon PowerShot. I've finally learned not to get too close, but to stand back and zoom in. The camera seems to be able to focus better farther away, which doesn't seem logical to me!

  6. This is a busy bee.

  7. Great photos. I was watching the bees in our apple trees this year and was amazed to see how quickly the flowers came and went (just over a week) and almost immediately after the flowers faded I'm starting to see the small growth of apples begin. All from the work of those little bumbles. How much they do!

  8. Great pictures, you must have had a lot of fun watching that bee :)

  9. GWGT - Yes, he was busy. He went to each flower and did the same ring around the center!

    Marguerite - It really is a wonder when you stop and think of how much they do - all pretty much unnoticed.

    Masha - I really did! It was funny to see him going around in circles, circle back, then on to the next. I wondered if he was getting dizzy, and how it felt. He looked like he was loving it!

  10. Beautiful, HolleyGarden. Now I know how they do it, but I don't know what that flower is. I guess I'm the only one who's never seen such gorgeousness.

  11. wonder what your neighbors

  12. sherry - It's a lotus. It's in the pond, though you can't see the background in the picture. I've had it for several years, and I do enjoy its blooms.

    greggo - Thankfully, my property is such that my neighbors can't see me out there, staring and taking pictures constantly!

  13. That's brill Holley, being able to capture the bee on it's various stages of activity. At the risk of embarassing myself, is that a lotus flower?

  14. Mark and Gaz - Yes, it is. This lotus has done well for me -it's several years old. I had another, but for some reason it only lasted one year.


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