Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey, Mister!

It took five trips to the garden center, but it was worth it.  And it's now complete!

I'm talking about the misting system for watering my main rose garden.  And except for the five trips, it was simple.

Why did it take five trips?  Well, I started with the starter kit, which I recommend.  (I used the Mister Landscaper system.)  Working with the starter kit should have given me an idea of how much more tubing I needed (even though additional tubing actually took two trips).  Another trip was for more emitters.  One more trip for the misters (which were not included with the emitters!), and another trip was for miscellaneous parts and pieces: elbows, T's, end caps, goof plugs - that sort of stuff.

The starter kit has a DVD, which makes it look so easy that the model had gold bracelets dangling from each wrist!  Isn't it funny how models can always put together things in formal attire?  The starter kit also includes the faucet connector and the pressure regulator.

This mister will spray in a specific pattern.

If I were to do this again, I would take a look at the misters first.  They each spray a different way (360 degrees, 180, 90, etc.) and they also have different spray widths (about 4 ft to almost a 14 ft diameter).  There's even a mister designed to spray down so your roses don't get their leaves wet!  If I had designed my system based upon the spray pattern, I would have laid it out completely differently, and it would probably look a bit more professional.

Read the fine print - misters are not included with emitters!
See the black valve close to the bottom of the picture?  It can be turned for more or less water pressure.

The steps are simple.  Attach the faucet connector and pressure regulator, then attach the tubing with a push and a turn with their special connectors.

The emitters are connected easily by poking a hole with the orange tool close to where you want the emitter, and then pushing in the purple part to the tubing.  The orange tool is included in the starter kit, and the tubing is easily cut with regular scissors.  If you mess up, don't worry - they have plugs for goofs.

Yes, I used a couple of these!

After connecting the tubing, attaching the emitters, putting on the misters, and turning the valves to 'on' (the valves are located halfway down the emitter), your system should be complete!

I like this system.  It was easy for me to install (though I didn't wear gold bracelets), and although I didn't plan out the design first (thus the five trips), I would put in this system in other areas of my garden.  Hopefully it won't take five trips next time!

These misters spray in a line, perfect for this hedge.

Thanks, Sherry, for bragging about your misting system.  It's because of you I took the plunge to put this type of system in my garden.  And I'm glad I did!


  1. Looks interesting. I know at some point I should do something also. Maybe next year. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. My entire garden is watered using drip irrigation. My emitters are Shrubblers from Dripworks ... they look like tiny sprinkler heads. You're right, the hardest part of doing this is designing the system (which is only hard the first time you do it) and making sure you have all the parts you need. There's no way I could garden on the scale that I do without this system.

    Thanks for reminding me ... I have to go turn the irrigation in my hosta garden off now.

  3. I wish the blog sites had a "Like" button like Facebook. So I'll say -
    LIKE. Let us know how this all works out.

  4. Wow Holley, you don't spare any work to make your garden work :-)! Good luck with the mister system. Hope it will improve the "life quality" for your roses in the heat and you can enjoy them even more!

  5. Wow, this is a very nice system and tutorial! I can't wait to see how your roses soak up all the benefits of your hard work. More blooms for you now, I bet!

  6. Cher - It wasn't hard at all. Give it a try in a small area, and see if you like it.

    Connie - I am so excited to get this installed. Now I can spend more of my time on weeding! ;)

    Cottage Dome - Thanks! I'll try to remember to let you know if I have any glitches!

    Christina - This will, in the end, mean a lot less work for me and happier plants, too (at least that's the idea!).

    Karen - I think this will make a big difference in my garden. It seems like an easy system to run, and I do think the plants will appreciate it!

  7. Bravo Holley! Well done! I admire people who can do such things by themselves!
    Thank you for your kind words on my containers post!

  8. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    We have had a terrible few weeks of drought in the hottest part of summer. As I yanked the hose out the 100 feet to the back garden, you can well imagine how much I was wishing that I had an irrigation system.

  9. Tatyana - As you can tell from the five trips it took me, I'm not very good at putting things together, but I'm always willing to jump in and try!

    Jennifer - I know exactly how you feel! That watering hose gets longer and longer and longer, doesn't it? And more and more tangled!

  10. That's a great way to water the garden! I'm sure it's saving time and helping to keep your garden healthy.

  11. Yahoo!!! I feel your excitement as though it were my own. Not only does it save work and time for you, but I read (either in their paperwork or online) that it uses 1/13th of the water of a regular sprinkler system! It took me a lot of trips, too - way more than 5! I felt like a permanent fixture staring at that endcap in Lowe's. It got to where I just bought a bunch of everything, knowing I could take back the unused pieces if I didn't need them (about $50 worth!) I didn't buy the starter kit, and I did layout a plan since I knew from the beginning I was going to use the misters. I just could not see how those drippers were going to wet enough of the sand in my garden to help the roses. If your garden is organic like mine, I believe watering all of it works better for the organisms. Friends have said, "but you're just watering the weeds" or "watering empty areas will bring weeds." But that hasn't been the case for me. I really don't have empty areas anyway. Tweaking the system is a given. Those goof plugs are great. Watch out for geysers either from connectors popping loose (due to rampaging armadillos here) or squirrels chewing them. I try to test the system weekly. Neighbors and my water bill have told me about the geysers - and so will the roses because geysers kill the pressure so no water down the line. I'm so happy for you, HolleyGarden. It really is a wonderful system.

  12. Priscilla - So far, I'm loving it! It is too hot to stand outside with a garden hose! I know the roses are going to love it!

    Sherry - I'm so glad you raved about your system. I have never liked drip systems because I have so many companion plantings, I could never put a dripping head everywhere there was a plant. I like that it's spraying an area, and I hadn't thought about the organisms in the soil, but I can see where you're right about that, too. Yes, I, too, finally just bought a bunch of everything. Now I need to take the extras back and finish just a couple of tweaks. Thanks for the reminder about connectors coming loose - I too have lots of armadillos!

  13. I love the idea of Goof Plugs. If only they could make these for every mistake I make in the garden.

  14. five trips sounds like something I would do too! congrats on getting it all set up, and now you can sit back and watch your garden grow. ;)

  15. Marguerite - hahaha I agree! When I saw these, I felt suddenly empowered!

    Hanni - I really didn't expect any less than five trips - isn't it that way with every landscaping project? It's like the auto parts store - never just one trip! I can't believe how happy my garden is now! I'm growing plants that I've never been able to grow before!

  16. It is good you have a system for watering because it is a time saver. I am lax on watering and my plants do get a bit fried, but if I had irrigation installed like my clients do, I would probably use it far too much out of convenience. I could get it free too from one of my installers, but having a tiny property does have its advantages in the maintenance department. Misting roses is the way to go too.

  17. GWGT - I recommend it. It really is quite freeing. Now I have much more time for other maintenance issues. I've only had it a couple of days and already I'm thrilled not to have this chore anymore.

  18. Thanks for de-mystifying this garden aid and it certainly looks cool as well as useful!

  19. PatioPatch - I felt the same way - a bit mystified. But, it was much easier than I expected it to be. I am now making plans to put this system in another area of my garden. It really does make life easier! Soooo much better than hand watering.


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