Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's Blooming Now?

It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!  (Well, not quite.  I'm a couple of days early.)  I'm posting early because I'm going out of town!  Yippee!  I'm going somewhere cooler - New Mexico!  Who would have ever thought of going to New Mexico to cool off!  :)

Anyway, I decided to look around my garden and see which roses were blooming now.  Today.  Not yesterday, last week, or probably will be in a few days.  Right now.  Which may not seem like much of a test, but it is.  Lows in the 80s, highs in the 100s, for over a month now.  Of course, as the weatherman likes to point out, no records are being broken because every now and then the high will go down to 99.  It was even as low as 96 one day during this heat wave!  I remember that day - it was a nice day out!

And, of course, they have to also remind us of the 1980's when it was over 100 for 42 days in a row.  So, no records are being broken as far as heat, but let me just say this:
 It's HOT!

Then there's the drought.  I do believe the drought is breaking some records, but I don't know which ones.  I just know:
It's DRY!

Therefore, any rose that will bloom now is one tough bloomer!

Less than half of the roses I have are blooming (actually only about 1/3 - no wonder my garden looks so sparse!).  The others, just taking up space!  I do have other plants blooming now, but I'm going to concentrate on the roses only.  And so, without further ado, the roses that are blooming in my garden right now are:


America (this rose is rarely without blooms)
Carnival Glass (mini)
Cinco de Mayo (after a long break!)
Impatient (gets a gold star - this rose never quits blooming in the summer)
Julia Child (she really is a continual bloomer!)
Knockout (double red is the only kind I have)
Heritage (one bloom! one!)
Home Run (full of blooms!)
Lady Hillingdon
LaMarne (another that never stops!)
Mrs. Dudley Cross
Peace (What's up with that?  It hasn't bloomed much at all, and it decides to bloom now!?!)
Perle d' Or
Souvenir de St. Anne
Starina (mini)
Tropicana (after I was thinking about getting rid of it!)

'Cinco de Mayo'

I'll be gone for about a week.  Until then, have a great Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!


  1. Have a great time! Beautiful roses. Isn't Cinco an outstanding rose? I hope you get a cool down and some rain soon.

  2. Holley, I am really amazed that any rose is blooming in your heat right now! Just proves that roses are not divas as you can often read, but work horses! I will take a good look at your list of blooming roses and see what does well for you in the heat, since that should work for me, too :-)! Always on the hunt for a better rose! Have fun in New Mexico. It is indeed funny that you are going there to cool off! Anyway I love this state and go there frequently myself.

  3. Those are healthy looking roses! Really drought tolerant! They blooms are pretty.
    Have fun in New Mexico!

  4. They are gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip to NM.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. I am really loving 'Cinco de Mayo'. May have to get one. The ones at the FW Botanic Garden were gorgeous last summer... need to go check them out during this heat.

  6. Gorgeous! I hope you get to see them through the window of an air-conditioned house. I can't imagine spending much time in the garden in that kind of heat.

  7. Grace - Thanks. Cinco is a great rose. I love the way it changes colors with the seasons, getting warmer tones in summer and cooler tones in cooler weather. I appreciate your hopes for rain and cool! That would feel great right now!

    Christina - I'm amazed that any are blooming now, too! They really are hard working plants. I can't remember the last time I was in New Mexico. I'm really looking forward to it!

    Malar - Yes, most of my roses have to be drought tolerant! There are a few that look really bad. These I will probably move in the fall.

    Cher - Thanks! I will, of course, be visiting their botanical garden!

    Tufa Girl - Cinco de Mayo is a great rose. Nice bush shape, great foliage, and the blooms are unique. I will be interested to hear your report on the ones in FW.

    Carol - I have not been out much lately. Just to drag a hose around occasionally!

  8. Have a great time in New Mexico. Love your flower pods in your last post, really neat photos!

  9. Wow! I just planted 2 cinco de mayo's. Hope they look as pretty as yours do!

  10. Beautiful blooms! I'm glad they're surviving the heat. I hope you have a great vacation!

  11. I forget just how beautiful that 'Peace' rose is--such delicate shadings. Have a wonderful time here in the Land of Enchantment! If for whatever reason you get stranded and need a hand, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  12. Beautiful Roses!! Hope you're having a great time in New Mexico! xx

  13. That's impressive! Peace is an old favorite. I gave one to my mom for Mothers Day many years ago, and it bloomed every year until my parents passed away. My brother dug it up and it continues to grow in his garden today.

  14. That's a long list! I am glad so many roses are blooming for you in the heat. My Lady Hillingdon and Heritage are blooming too, and Julia Child is just done.

  15. Have a wonderful vacation! Can't believe you're going somewhere to cool off. Our summer has been so cold this year. Only a few warm days coupled with lots of cool and wet ones. Perhaps I should vacation at your house while you're gone!

  16. I remeber 1980. Mt.St.Helens. 40 days of 100. Smoke colored skies. Beautiful sunsets. ohh and I got married. Nice bloom post.

  17. Gorgeous red roses, Im jealous you have such skills and patience to grow beautiful roses! I guess your temperate climate counts too..

  18. Who doesn't love roses and yours are pretty spectacular. This year my roses flowered early, in April would you believe, while the tulips were still in bloom. Weird. But also wonderful.

  19. Great Roses in spite of the conditions. Holley if you really want to cool down the daytime temperature here in the North east of Scotland in the past 10 days has been between 52f and 62f. Oh and its mid Summer, coming over? thought not.

  20. I have always liked the Peace rose, but your photograph highlights its beauty even more...such a lovely photo..capturing its delicate beauty!

  21. I wondered where you'd gotten to. Glad you mailed off the pavonia before you left.

    Your roses are lovely.

  22. Gorgeous roses. I hope you're having a lovely, and cool, vacation.

  23. I hope you're having a fabulous time away and that you come home to garden of gorgeous blooms!

  24. Kelly- I just returned, and we had a great time! I'll be posting about it soon! Thanks for commenting.

    redneckrosarian - I'm certain you will love your Cinco de Mayo's. They are great bushes - wonderful foliage and prolific bloomers. I personally love the color. Hope you love yours as much as I do mine.

    Bumble Lush - My plants take a bit of heat, but this is getting to be a bit too extended for them! It really shows what can take the heat, and what can't!

    Stacy- Thanks so much! If I had needed help, I would not have hesitated to call you! I feel like we're friends, and thought of you often while I was in NM. Truly a land of enchantment!

    GardeningBlog - Oh, I had a great time! A very pretty place, and such wonderful food! :)

    deb - What a wonderful story. I'm so glad the plant was passed along. How much to be able to enjoy the same rose your parents did. Thanks for sharing that sweet story.

    Masha - It is amazing that any rose is blooming now! They do seem to bloom in spurts, and adequate water makes a big difference!

    Marguerite - haha You would not like to warm up as much as it's been here! Though I'm sorry you're having such a cold summer. You need to have your bones warmed so you can face the coming winter!

    greggo - No wonder you remember it so well if you got married then, too! I remember it also - so miserable!

    p3chandan - Yes, the weather here doesn't get too cold, so the roses just keep growing and growing! And they like the acidic soil we have here, too. I have no talent - just lucky to live where they like!

    Yolanda - I have never heard of roses and tulips blooming together! This has been a strange year for weather. But how absolutely gorgeous that must have been!

    Alistair - Brrr. That's a fall day or early spring temperatures for us! Amazing how plants are so adaptable!

    Laura - Yes, the Peace rose is beautiful when it blooms, which is not a lot for me. But all is forgiven when it finally decides it's happy!

    Marcia - Sorry I haven't been in touch. It was wonderful being gone, and having a break, but it's always nice to return home, too!

    Mac - Thanks - the vacation was wonderful. Low humidity, only one day was hot to me. I really did enjoy it.

    Cathy and Steve - I did have a fabulous time. My garden was not quite the delight I expected when I came home, though. Temps here have stayed extremely hot, and this long hot and dry spell is really starting to show in my garden.


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