Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lotus Life

The lotus plant has one of the most showy blooms of any of the flowers in my garden.

It is magnificent. 

So what happens after blooming? 

Within days, the petals fall off, and the seed pod is left.
If you wanted it for ornamentation, this would be the time to cut it.

The seeds dry and drop down into the pod.

The entire pod dries up.  The stalk slowly starts to buckle, leaving the pod upside down. 

The seeds drop out, and the possibility of a new plant.  Like this one that is growing in the pot of pickerel rush.   (The lotus leaf is round, the pickerel leaves are spiky.)

I have never tried to save the lotus seeds, but I'm thinking about doing it.  I found a website (here) about someone doing just that, and the results of their experiment.

It might be nice to have more of these elegant blooms!


  1. Stunning flower and I think you should try harvesting the seeds and grow them. Worth a try and you could have even more.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Lotus blooms, a personal favourite and definitely one of the best flowers ever :)

  3. Hi HollyGarden,
    Beautiful flowers and the pods are so cool too!
    Do you know what zones they are hardy to?
    And do they need to be in a wet area like a bog or swamp?

  4. I think the lotus is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen. I made a stained glass lamp of lotus flowers two years ago and fantasize about what it would be like to grow a real lotus in my garden, but in Wisconsin, well, dream on...

    Yours is gorgeous; and thanks for the lesson on what the seed-setting process is all about, I have always been impressed by those huge seed pods and didn't know they tip over and dump the seeds out. Lovely!

  5. Lotus blooms are exotic and I love the seed pod. Hope you are able to save some seeds to start more of these wonderful plants.


  6. Love the lotus! Thanks for sharing. I posted some photos of lotus on my blog, too, at http://aquascapeinc.blogspot.com/2011/05/lovely-lotus.html. Would love to have you visit!

  7. Gorgeous! I actually really like the pod shape too. Do you think you could dry them?

  8. Beautiful flowers! I don't think I've ever seen the pod. It's really cool. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I bet you will have do some kind of funky do yoga dance to get it to germinate!

  10. So pretty! I'd like to add a lotus to my pond or maybe just get a small stock tank and put just lotus in it...you've got me thinking ;)

  11. You should give it a try! I would love to see a post on your attempt!

  12. Lotus bloom! A plant that i would like to have in future!
    You should try planting them! Such a pretty lotus bloom you have!

  13. Cher - I should try it! It would be nice to have even more of these beautiful plants.

    Mark and Gaz - I agree that it's a fabulous flower. So big and showy!

    Karen - I don't know the zones. But mine stay submerged in water. They would probably grow in mud, as long as it stays continually wet. I don't bring mine inside in the winter. The pond occasionally freezes over, but it doesn't freeze down to the level of the lotus. I think that's the key. If you have freezes that would freeze the lotus, you would probably need to bring them in to a garage or somewhere, put in a pot of water.

    Karen - I bet your lamp is gorgeous. A lotus for you would be an annual, I suppose! The seed pods are exotic, too, although I've never tried to dry them.

    FlowerLady - I need to gather some seeds this year. It would be fun to see what color the new blooms would be!

    Jennifer - Another lotus lover! I will definitely visit you. I look forward to seeing your lotus!

    Hanni - I think they could be dried, even though I've never tried. They would add a lot of interest to a flower arrangement, wouldn't they?

    Bumble Lush - Glad you found it interesting. It's always fun to me to see how flowers reproduce.

    greggo - I'm not sure how easy it would be. The bees do visit the lotus, so maybe they are pollinated adequately. If I try it, I'll let you know how successful I am!

    Cat - A tank with just lotus in it would be beautiful. It can fill up a spot well, and it is definitely a focal point!

    Desperate Gardener - I think I will try it! I think it takes several years for them to begin blooming, so it may take some time to see if I'm successful or not!

    Malar - I hope you do get one in the future! They are stunning!

  14. They really are beautiful. Interesting pictures of the seed pod, what is the time span over which you took these pictures?

  15. A stunning bloom! They have such complexities and beauty. I also like the foliage.

  16. such beautiful blooms! thanks for visiting my blog.

    happy gardening!

  17. I love your lotus. I would definitely give the seed starting a try.

  18. Such a floral treasure at all stages! Love, love love

  19. Love the seed pod. Best to you and your garden.

  20. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    It was a nice treat to see your pond. The lotus flower is exquisitely beautiful!

  21. Masha - They go from flower to dropping seeds in about two weeks' time. Like a lily, the flowers don't last long, and the seeds dry up in just a couple of days. It takes longer for the stem to fold under - usually about a week or so for that. It really is a simple way to spread their seeds!

    Sage Butterfly - The foliage is great, isn't it? It's so exciting to see it leaf out in the spring. It really looks beautiful with rain drops collecting on them!

    angel - Thanks for coming by!

    Tufa Girl - I think I will! It would be interesting to see the results.

    Happy Homemaker - It really does hold interest at all stages - the leaf, the flower, and the pod are each unique in their beauty.

    earlysnowdrop - I should try to dry some of the pods, too, for floral arrangements! That would be another interesting experiment.

    Jennifer - I fell in love the first time I saw it. The fish like the big leaves, too!

  22. It is such an interesting plant. Such lovely foliage, and that seedpod is fantastic.~~Dee

  23. Dee - I agree it is an interesting and beautiful plant. Thanks for commenting.

  24. Oh I love lotus and especially the seed pods. I use them in autumn decorating all the time but have to buy them! You are so lucky to have these growing in your garden.

  25. Kathleen - Well, that makes me think I really should dry some! They must look great in arrangements. Thanks for commenting.

  26. What regal, elegant flowers. I hope you can propagate more of them. Keep us posted.

  27. Grace - I will. It would be fun if the experiment works out!

  28. Replies
    1. Thanks. These are some of my favorite flowers, and I get so excited when they finally bloom each summer.


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