Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Kiss

The first kiss hello is always welcome, but the last kiss goodbye is bittersweet.  I'm talking about blooms, of course, the kiss of flowers.  It's what makes bees swoon, gardeners smile, and children reach out to touch.  The camellias give my garden its last kiss each year.
"Twas not my lips you kissed, But my soul" ~ Judy Garland 
The camellia 'Hana Jiman' was the first camellia in my garden to bloom.  I looked back just to make sure of the dates - it has been blooming in my garden since November 7!  It was full of blooms from the middle of November through the last of that month.  By now, I really thought it had finished blooming for the year.  That was, until yesterday when I went outside and saw this last kiss goodbye:

Beautiful, isn't it?  Doesn't it look all puckered up?

Hana Jiman grows well in zones 7 through 9, average size is up to 15 ft tall, and 6 to 8 ft wide (oops, I think I have mine in too small a spot!), and can take part sun.
"One kind kiss before we part,   Drop a tear, and bid adieu; 
Though we sever, my fond heart   Till we meet shall pant for you."   ~ Robert Dodsley


  1. How timely is this post!! I just planted two camellias yesterday evening ... Yuletide and Setsugekka. If someone asks me about roses that grow well, are disease resistant, and bloom in the shade, I tell them to buy camellias. This suggestion is almost always is met with a very confused look and some head shaking. More warmer-climate rose growers SHOULD plant camellias to extend their fall bloom season.

  2. Last kiss for the year but more to come next year ;)

  3. Lovely! I so like Camellias and all their color choices.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I highly recommend 'Winter's Joy'---it started in October and is about half way through. New flowers today with weather in the 50s.

  5. Connie - I can imagine the look of confusion when you steer them from roses to camellias. But, I bet after they think about it, your suggestion goes over well. Camellias are such beautiful plants.

    Mark and Gaz - Yes, thank goodness there's always next year! :)

    Cher - I really do love these plants. Like a winter gardenia.

    Carolyn - I was so worried my camellia's blooms would be affected by the drought. I'm so glad to see lots of buds on them. Winter's Joy sounds fabulous! I'm adding a lot more camellias to one of my garden beds, and really appreciate the recommendation.

  6. She is a beauty. And next year brings more and more.

  7. Hi Sweetie, thanks so much for letting me know my photos were not showing up, much appreciated, I think I have it fixed, stop back by if you like, thanks again, tami

  8. The last kiss is even better when it's such a welcome surprise!

  9. It so bittersweet to see the last bloom...it is lovely all puckered up!!

  10. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    The flower does look like it is puckering up for a kiss! Camellias seem like a beautiful way for the garden to finish out the year. Merry Christmas to you and your family! All the best for 2012!

  11. Very beautiful. I need to build a shade structure - it will be awhile before my trees are big enough ;D

  12. GWGT - I'm already looking forward to spring!

    Tami - I will definitely stop back by - that was a great post!

    Stacy - You're right - this would not have been so exciting, except I was so surprised to see one last bloom on this plant!

    Donna - I really enjoyed that it decided to bloom one more time!

    Jennifer - Merry Christmas! I know when the camellias start blooming, Christmas is almost here!

    Gardening Blog - Me, too. Anything that blooms in winter is a hit in my book!

    Tufa Girl - I had a bed that was full sun where I planted trees. Now, 10 years later, it is full shade and I'm having trouble finding plants that will work there! But, the trees are doing their job - they are on the west side of the house, and before, it was so hot there it was miserable. Now it's a nice area, even without a lot of plants.

  13. Wendy - Aren't the first and the last blooms on a plant the most special?

  14. I am gladd you looked at my blog and saw my Garden thank you . I know I am going to enjoy my garden room when I get everythig planted. My Camellias are not blooming yet. I have 5 and I was unhappy because I wanted to have blooms in Dec.and Jan. Yours are beautiful. My husband bought me a plant for Christmas that will bloom in early Spring. I love your garden it is beautiful.

  15. Juanita - You may have Japonica camellias - one of mine doesn't bloom until March! So nice that you got a plant for Christmas - that is very exciting to a gardener!

  16. Yes I wish all my gifts were for my garden, because I have no more room in my house for any thing. Money to buy my own would be better. I must watch my Christmas plant closely to make sure it gets no sun past 10:00 clock in the morning it can not take the evening sun. I do have three Camellias blooming now. I am going to make sure when I buy the next ones they will bloom in early winter. The Japan Rose is one Sasanqua (Camellia family) that blooms in Nov. Dec.


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