Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My New Baby!

The day started out innocently enough.  We had to go to the home repair store (garden center!), for something-or-another to fix something-or-another.  That was of no interest to me.

What was of interest to me was the garden center attached to the home repair store!  Cyclamens, pansies, and nandinas, however, didn't hold my attention.  I already have all those.

Then, I saw it.  'Green's Blue' camellia.

They had two.  Hmmmm......  should I get both?

I restrained myself.

But, I knew exactly where to put one!  I am removing two 'Blushing Bride' hydrangeas that have disappointed me from day one.  They have been in that spot for three or four years, and they barely put out one bloom per year.  They are never happy there, and I'm not sure if it's them or their home.  So, they will be moved (and given another chance) to where the gardenias are struggling.  And the gardenias will be moved somewhere - I'm not sure where.  But, that doesn't matter.

What matters is I have a place to put this camellia!  So, of course I need it!  :)

Actually, I would have passed it by except for one thing that was right above its bloom - a 50% off sign! That sealed the deal.  I'm a sucker for a plant sale!

And my "winter bed" has a new winter blooming plant!

By the way, in case you're wondering, Green's Blue really isn't blue.  Most flowers called blue are really kind of tinged purple.  If they're called purple, chances are they're really a dull, not bright, pink.  I really don't think most gardeners are color blind.  I think it has to do mostly with marketing.

So, Green's Blue is pink.  Maybe a purply-pink.  Whatever.  It was 50% off and that's what really mattered!

Is it hard for you to pass up plants on sale, too?


  1. Beautiful! I only have two colors Camelias, pure white and the other one is white with a little bit pink in it.

  2. Beautiful 'winter baby' Holley... Can't wait 'til next winter --when we can all enjoy your Winter Garden....

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Yes, I also have a hard time passing on plant sales. I even have compassion for scraggily looking plants that may not make it but that is how I came by an English Sachet rose that is one of my favorites now. It was pathetic when I bought it but the price was right and even if it had not made it I was not out much. I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog!

  4. Lovely! I know what you mean about the blue flowers. There are so few that are really blue, but this one seems worthy of having anyway.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Well your new baby is a beauty for certain. I love them and wish I could grow them here.Who can resist a plant sale especially when it has just what we like. LOL!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. You are not in danger of becoming a camelliaholic are you? Myself, I'm a recovering bulbaholic. Although I managed to pass up the sale priced ones this year, I have been guilty in the past of falling off the wagon for the half off and even better 75% off bulbs at Lowes!

  7. Oh, I love camellias, I have a huge one in my garden, taller than me, but would have liked to have several more so they could overlap flowering....but where do I put them??

    Your new camellia is sure pretty :-)

  8. Please... pass up a sale plant? No, not often. The good thing is yours is a beauty. I usually take home the half dead ones and then have to bring the back to life - all for 50% off.

  9. Seems like I am also like you. My husband goes for the home-depot and I get excited because it has a nice garden center. Unfortunately, nothing there now in North-East. You must be in not so cold-zone like I am. do you move a big plant from one place to another? Can't they die from shock?

  10. I'm so jealous to think that you actually have things blooming in your garden. The camellia looks beautiful. Hopefully it will do better than the hydrangeas.

  11. Dewi - Oh, I bet those are gorgeous! I do love the white ones.

    Betsy - I've been trying to figure out what all I can put there. It will be a real challenge.

    Pam - Yes, I see those. And sometimes I buy them, too. Sometimes, though, they look a little too dead even for me! This one was in good shape, just needing to go, I suppose.

    Cher - I do wish they would name them a little more 'true'.

    Lona - Isn't it great to get a plant you want on sale? And not just another plant just because it's on sale? haha

    dorothy - Yes, I'm becoming a camelliaholic. And not a recovering one, either! 75% off bulbs sounds like a great deal!

    Helene - That is part of the problem, finding just the right place for them, especially for ones that get as big as trees!

    Tufa Girl - Since you know how to bring them back to life, that's still probably a good deal. I do try to steer clear of the 'death rack'!

    KL - I move lots of plants, and yes, I've killed a few, but mostly from moving them when it's too hot and dry here. I just try to move as much of the soil along with the roots as possible.

    Heather - I do hope it does better than the hydrangeas. I'm not really sure why they did so badly - I think they had different problems different years. I hope they will learn to like their new homes.

  12. I call the color "horticultural blue" and you are absolutely right it's all about marketing. Blue flowers are considered more desirable. And color blind or not, names are often what sell plants.

  13. sucker would be a good word when it comes to plant sales. Who can resist. I bought 3 miscanthus gold bar and 5 agastache for a $1 a piece (#1's).

  14. Yes, I have a hard time leaving a bargain plant on the shelf--that's why I have so many plants! :)

  15. it's beautiful! what a wonderful thing that it was on sale and blooming now too!

  16. How wonderful to have Camellias blooming in December! I wouldn't have been able to resist either. Enjoy!

  17. Such a pretty find! Love the camellias.

    I cannot pass up a sale plant if it looks remotely healthy!

  18. Especially those we love so much...such a pretty new baby!

  19. Gorgeous new baby - no way I could have resisted, except I would have probably bought both :)

  20. Definitely hard here too, especially if it's a really good bargain on a plant that really appeals to me (even if I have one already!). Lovely plant!

  21. Beautiful and lucky you to snag it at 50% off.

  22. Carolyn - "horticultural blue" sounds like the perfect name! I wonder what people think that purchase these plants before seeing their true colors. I would be a bit disappointed if I really expected a true blue!

    greggo - You got a great deal! I'd pick up a weed for $1 !!! :)

    Hoover Boo - I figured a lot of gardeners would be guilty, whether they wanted to admit it or not!

    Wendy - Yes, I'm glad it was blooming, too. That way there were no surprises.

    PlantPostings - Especially since I've decided to have a winter garden area. I mean, I really needed it!

    bakingbarb - Too often, though, the ones on sale look dead already! I thought this was a great deal, considering it was in great shape.

    Donna - Yes, it's nice to find the plants we love on sale. Usually, it seems, it's the plants we're not too excited about.

    Gardening Blog - I really thought hard about whether I needed two! I have to admit they were both in my cart at one time, but I was trying to be good!

    Mark and Gaz - I feel the luckiest when I want several of a certain plant, but can't really afford as many as I want - then find them on sale! Doesn't happen often, but I feel like the stars are smiling on me when it does!

    Becca - I did feel lucky. I was the only customer in the garden area!

  23. Mostly I am impressed that you were able to make a trip to the home repair store into something wonderful-- magic! I know that camellia will love you right back.

  24. linniew - I think most gardeners can find a plant during any errand run! :)

    Kelli - They really are nice, especially when nothing else is blooming!

  25. I know your new baby has a great mom! I've never understood the whole blue naming thing myself. I like Carolyn's "horticultural blue." My mom did have a blue hydrangea though.

  26. Your Camellia love you so much! Hardy plant!

    Merry Christmas!

  27. GirlSprout - I think Carolyn has come up with the perfect description. There are a few true blues that could drop the 'horticultural' prefix. It would be nice to be able to tell by the name.

    Malar - I hope they love me, as I love them! Do you think plants can feel our sentiments toward them?

  28. Merry Christmas!! I'm sure hope these work in that spot. Interesting on the blushing brides... mine bloom continuously May-October... and you'd think our climates were so similar. Sometimes I wonder if we just don't get 'dud' plants that really aren't what they are supposed to be! I am currently debating on buying myself 3!!!! camellias for my back parking garden. Its an illness.

    ps. I agree on the crazy blue! Its sort of ridiculous.

  29. Jess - Merry Christmas to you! I definitely think you should get those three camellias. Oh, definitely! :) But seriously, you know you will love seeing their blooms each winter.

  30. The camellia is a lovely new addition, and bargains are always great to get if you have a place in mind. Sadly I have lost a couple of unplanned purchases while I have desperately been trying to find a spot. Although I haven't the space for a camellia, I am lucky because my neighbour has planted a row of sasanquas along our fenceline and I get to enjoy them at a time when there is little out in the garden.

  31. Marisa - Oh, how wonderful to have an entire hedge of sasanquas! I can only imagine how gorgeous that must be! I, too, have lost plants by purchasing them without having a home in mind for them. Now I won't buy anything unless I can think in my mind where to place it. A hard lesson to learn, and keep.

  32. I read somewhere (while researching Green's Blue) that it will only turn blue when planted in the ground. Something about the fertilizer while being in a pot that prevents the red from fading out of it in it's last days. Wish I could remember where I found that.

    1. Oh, how interesting. I am really curious now, and can't wait to see it bloom next year.


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