Monday, December 26, 2011

Views Out My Windows

It's been raining for three days.  Which is nice, because we need the rain!  So, I'm not complaining, but I haven't been able to enjoy the garden - outside.  But I still enjoy the views out my windows!

I invite you to see what I see on a cold, wet, rainy, winter day.

From my bedroom window:

This bed holds the fish pond.  Drops on the water easily reveal how hard the rain is coming down.  This bed is also evergreen, so no matter the season, I am greeted to a lush, green scene.  Every spring I wonder if I should put some flowers in this bed, but every winter I am thrilled to have evergreens.

From my living room:

From the living room, I see Julia Child roses, Knock Out roses, evergreen jasmine, evergreen lavender, and evergreen dwarf Indian Hawthorns.  The mix of evergreens and roses make me smile, no matter the season.

From the kitchen:

I look out this window daily, and am always captivated.  Because there is so much variety, the view changes almost daily.  Right now I can see camellia blooms, along with late blooms from Heritage and Home Rose roses.  The perennials that dominate this bed allow me to see the seasons change, slowly filling up in spring, until summer is a riotous display of color.  Winter is sparse, but it still gives a beautiful display with the addition of some evergreens to these beds.

From my bathroom:

Frozen roses are still a joy to me, and I can see the vegetable garden from this vantage point.  This small window is not one I usually stare out of, but the cats enjoy it!

From another bedroom:

This is my favorite view of all.  This is my soon-to-be winter garden.  A few camellias, some summer blooming plants, and boxwood hedges serenely invite peaceful meditation.  I could look out this window for hours.

Views are important, no matter the weather or time of year.  When we went to church on Christmas day, I could see a white camellia blooming from the pew where I was sitting.  A crepe myrtle was planted in front of the camellia, shading it from the summer sun, and giving churchgoers another lovely view in a different season.

I hope you, too, have a beautiful view out your window, even on a cold, wet, rainy, winter day.


  1. Those are all beautiful scenes. I am so envious of your weather. I love all of our seasons but times like now I would enjoy some extra blooming. I do have my Heather blooming and I am grateful for that.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. My you do have beautiful views out your windows. I live in an old house where every window is covered in the winter so I guess I do not plant with views from my windows in mind. Mostly from setting areas in the yard here. Camellias would be so wonderful this time of the year. Your evergreen bed looks wonderful too.

  3. What wonderful scenes from your windows. Your gardens are all lovely even in winter.


  4. The boxwood hedge looks like it's filling in nicely. It must be wonderful to have a garden year round. Thanks for sharing all the views with us.

  5. Holley, you are so right views into the garden out of the house are very important and can add so much additional enjoyment! You truly have some lovely ones! My favorite view out of your house in winter is the first one of the evergreen bed with the statuary. It is so calming and the statue is very beautiful. You inspired me to have a conscious look out of my own windows into the garden. I am already sure that there is a lot of room for improvement ;-)!

  6. You really have beautiful views from inside to out. Your garden looks great with the rain. It has been raining here, but that is not a good thing because the temperatures are so low. The plant are not at all happy. Today I saw rose buds ready to open too and it looks just sad.

  7. Cher - And see, I can't grow heather here! Every place and environment has their assets and liabilities.

    Lona - I have garden benches, but find I rarely sit in them. I need to do that more often. I wonder what the view is from them!

    FlowerLady - I have a fairly temperate climate, but it's not like yours, with so many blooms year round. Although, I realize there's a lot of plants that can't take your heat.

    GirlSprout - I can't wait to fill in the boxwood hedge boxes with appropriate plants. I am in the process of filling them in, and hope the entire bed will look beautiful in a few years. I do like the hedges. Some people like hedges, others don't. I'm one that has always loved them.

    Christina - Even if I'm not in the garden, I'm staring out the windows! Oh, the changes I've made to the garden in my mind! ;)

    GWGT - The plants are very happy to get the rain. I've been trying to remember to be thankful for every drop, even though I'm anxious to get back out there after the holidays!

  8. You have beautiful views out every window. How well you have done. It's so nice to sit at a window, no matter what room it's in, and see a bit of greenery out of doors.

  9. Beautiful views. And they mean so much more during the off season when outdoor activities are prohibited. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I believe we're in for a fabulous 2012.

  10. Holley - I remember your box hedge when the plants were babies. Great to see how they've progressed.

    The bathrooms in the UK are usually above ground-level so we don't have the pleasure of looking at roses while we're in there.

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  12. Every window of your house have a beautiful view! Your cammelias doing so well!
    Happy new year 2012!

  13. Simply gorgeous! We have the camillas and boxwood in England, but the crape myrtle doesn't get enough sun to bloom :) Thank you for sharing your gorgeous views XOL

  14. Gode billeder.
    Hvor har du en smuk udsigt fra dit vindue.
    Håber du har haft en god jul.
    Ønsker dig et godt nytår.

  15. I enjoyed the views from your windows. Thanks for posting that.

  16. Marguerite - I think for a gardener, it's important. Or to have something from the garden inside, like houseplants or bouquets of flowers. I think there's something in us that needs that connection.

    Grace - Yes, even when it's raining, I love to look outside at the garden. I hope the rains continue through 2012. Of course, every year we dream of the garden being glorious and more beautiful than the year before!

    b-a-g - That window is mostly used by the cats! I occasionally make an effort to look out of it, and it is nice to see roses while getting ready for the day.

    Malar - I think some of the views had some planning to them, but some were just a happy accident!

    Happy Homemaker UK - I'm learning more and more about England's climate from different blogs. I'm amazed sometimes at all they can and do grow.

    Landbohaven - Happy New Year to you, too. I'm glad you enjoyed the views.

    Meta - I enjoy the views daily, especially the ones from the kitchen and the bedroom. It's nice to be able to wake up and see the garden first thing in the morning.

  17. Holley I specifically planted my gardens so I had vantage points from inside so I could enjoy the garden all seasons from inside and take the garden inside with me...

  18. Outside is beautiful! It changes with seasons and it cheers us up! Your outside is lovely, Holley!

  19. I enjoyed your views. I have been attempting to fill each of my window views with eyecatching plantings, even in my neighbors yard which I can see from many of my windows, she is very accomodating as the house has sat empty for a long while. This time of year everything is dormant and normally covered with snow but we have the evergreen trees to enjoy.

  20. Isn't it wonderful to appreciate all of God's graces from our window! Quiet views that warm your heart.I can feel your Joy in viewing these images and reading your words.
    love and light from naturegirl

  21. Your garden is lovely whichever way you look at it! I love the evergreen foliage, so much interest and variety. It is great to be able to enjoy the garden in every season.

  22. Dear Holley, Beautiful. There is more winter interest in your garden than in mine, although I designed my gardens with views in mind. Mmm.m.m. As I look out now, I think I need to add more evergreens. P. x

  23. Hi Holley, I love the evergreen bed view from your bedroom. esides the box, what is planted around the statues feet? I love the look!

  24. Your garden views are beautiful, I can see you are a seasoned gardener! I'm still learning the ropes, even though I've been gardening for 20 years. I'm a slow learner (and a little lazy, too!). I LOVE the garden in winter. Check out this post on the sleeping garden...

  25. How are you getting that lavender to grow? I can't get mine through July and August???

  26. Donna - Smart thinking - great foresight!

    Tatyana - Although I have a lot of evergreens, I'm still glad I live where it is green most of the year, instead of white!

    Pam - How nice of your neighbor! But, I bet she enjoys you and your gardener's touch!

    Naturegirl - You are so right. Just looking at the garden gives me joy.

    Masha - I've even been impressed with how many roses still have their leaves. However, I have to walk to get to the main rose bed, so it really is a summer garden for me.

    Pam - I know some people think evergreens are 'heavy', but I love them, especially in the winter!

    GardeningBlog - That's a caged monster! Asian Jasmine ground cover. It's a monster here because it really does become invasive, but I've got it caged (concrete or brick surrounding it). I trim mine quite regularly. Just thought I'd let you know! :) There are supposed to be new varieties of this, and maybe you could find one that wouldn't take over the entire world! But, it is evergreen and grows in full sun as well as full shade, which is what I needed.

    Leslie - I think we are all still learning, there is so much to learn with plants and gardening!

    Jess - This is Provence lavender. I have tried other lavenders, but they don't do so well here. I've had great luck with this one - give it a try!

  27. The evergreen views are lovely and peaceful. When planning a garden I just want to shove in flowers, flowers, flowers, but you've just reminded me that I need to get some good evergreens in there too. Great idea for a winter garden too - then when you need to dash outside in the rain for a quick pick me up, all the blooms will be in one place!

  28. All beautiful views to look out on, but I especially love the view from your bedroom, and the fish pond cinched that. I love watching the rain on water. Your winter garden is also going to be very lovely. I love looking out the front of my house, over my garden to the trees in the street and the reserve beyond. You have inspired me to take action on my not-so pretty back garden, which needs lots of t.l.c.

  29. thanks for sharing your views Holley -
    a pleasure to see and hear what you have to say.
    As long as we have eyes, there is always something to see - great motto for a winter garden especially!
    All the best for 2012
    Laura x

  30. Ruth - Yes, those flowers are what entices us, aren't they? But I do love seeing green during the winter!

    Marisa - Yes, I'm glad I put the fish pond there, where I can see it every morning. If it were farther away, I'm afraid the fish might get neglected! Now, they are on my mind daily.

    Laura - I think it will be very enjoyable to have a specific winter garden, although most of my beds have some winter interest. I'm now beginning to understand that design view of having different areas for different seasons.

  31. You are so right I have a few good views from some windows in winter but not all. I am working on my back yard this next spring. I must have late blooming Camillias none of mine are opening yet. I do not like plants that do not bloom but have to admit you do have a very nice winter garden. One side of my yard is azelias and camillias and the bush that blooms in October thru November, they are evergreen.

  32. A view of a beautiful camellia in church would have all my attention throughout the entire service. lol

    Happy Holidays to you! So happy you are getting rain. I hope 2012 brings you plenty more too.

  33. Juanita - Your yard sounds lovely. I love blooming evergreens. Pretty all year round.

    tina - lol - I have to admit, I gazed out at that view a lot more than I paid attention to the service! :O


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