Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sing to Me!

I didn't expect to really like this rose.  I expected it to fill a spot.  To coordinate in the garden.  To be part of the chorus, not a star.  It has surprised me.  I fell in love with this rose the first time I saw the sun streaming through its glowing, gorgeous, big, frilly petals.

It's a rose to love from up close, and from afar.  I can see this rose from my kitchen window.  It glows.  It shines.  It makes me smile each time I look outside.

What rose is this?  None other than 'Pearlie Mae'.  Named for the famed singer, Pearl Bailey.  It starts out in a round ball, but soon opens to reveal an imperfect form, which is actually quite charming.  Full and frilly, it's one of those roses that is enchanting because of its ability to surprise.

Almost a light yellow on one side, the back of the petals are a lovely, rich pink, which gives this rose its peachy hue.  It's that combination of the two colors that makes this rose seem to glow in the sunlight.  As the rose matures, the yellow intensifies, changing the color of this rose from a light peach to a darker shade of apricot.

Blackspot and mildew resistant.  This rose will not fade into the background, unnoticed.  This rose is not just part of the chorus.  This rose is a star!

I'm linking up with Tracie at Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursdays.


  1. I agree it's really beautiful. I like how the pinks change as it opens. Lovely!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I like roses with different color reverses. Is it fragrant?

  3. What a beautiful rose! Love that apricot color!

  4. That rose is so soft and gorgeous! Perfect for a pastel garden, and the two tone is an interesting addition. I need more roses to make me smile from my window...

  5. I am green with rose envy! The color is fabulous!

  6. This is a lovely rose that I have never heard of. That it is blackspot and mildew resistant makes it even more attractive. Seeing it on your blog made me smile, too :-)!

  7. Your rose is beautiful, I love pink roses.Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings from your newest follower

  8. It's always fun to find a new flower to love. I've had the same issue, find a plant to fill a need and unexpectedly it becomes the favourite.

  9. Cher - I love seeing the two different tones on each petal. Gives it a luminescent quality.

    Masha - I had to run outside to find out. No. :( No fragrance.

    Jane - Peaches and apricots are my favorite color, so I have quite a bit of roses in that color range. This one is a beautiful, delicate tone.

    Lisa - Seeing this rose out the kitchen window was an unexpected delight. It really shines, even though it does have that pastel coloring.

    Cynthia - I was surprised to see how lovely this rose is. You never know about some plants until they're in your garden and you can see them in person.

    deb - I love hot colors, and I was surprised how much I have grown to love this pastel beauty.

    Christina - Sometimes filler plants turn out to be a favorite! With roses in pictures, it's hard to decipher how they will really look in a garden. I am very pleased with this rose. I could see an entire hedge of her.

    Sheila - I usually am not all that taken with pink roses, but this one has that multi-dimensional effect that gives it a delicacy and glow that is uniquely lovely.

    Marguerite - I've done that with a few companion plants, too. It's interesting what touches our heart.

  10. That rose is absolutely beautiful! I can see why you are drawn to it. I really appreciate you featuring different varieties of roses, because I am making a list. :)

  11. Actually, I really like the rose you featured. It's the color of champagne. I bet you can wash some of the petals and put them on champagne glasses, with champagne of course.

    Thank goodness it's Friday!

  12. Stunning. I must find (or make!) more room in my garden for roses.

  13. Sage Butterfly - I'm glad you're making a list! Roses are something that are so different, it's important to find one with qualities you are looking for.

    Marie - The color of champagne! I hadn't thought of that. And what a wonderful idea to put some of the petals in glasses. Very romantic.

    Hanni - Oh, definitely put some roses in your garden! They are such a great addition. I can't imagine a garden being complete without at least one, or two.

  14. It sure is a star. Graceful, strong, and pretty. Just beautiful.

  15. So wish I could grow a variety of roses. Our climate often leads to disease. Good to know that blackspot is kept in check on this one. A good one to recommend.

  16. ha ha - i so agre that sometimes those "filler plants" become a favorite in my garden too! Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's - always love seeing photo's of roses! xoox, tracie

  17. That rose reminds me of one I used to have many years ago. Thanks for the memories! It's lovely.

    Any rain yet?

  18. Beautiful roses!! I wish I had a larger garden so I could find room for some roses!!


  19. KK - It's so nice to fall in love with a plant when you didn't expect to. This one has thrilled me from its first bloom!

    GWGT- Blackspot is our main disease, too. Although it doesn't stay around all year, like in cooler climates - it gets too hot in the summer even for blackspot! I consider that a blessing, really. But BS resistance is what I look for most in roses.

    Tracie - It's funny how some plants just take to your heart. And others you think you'll love, you don't. I have now learned I'll never know until I try them!

    Marcia - I wonder what rose you had. I love these roses with the two-toned petals.

    Debbie - What a cute name - debbie dabble! I love roses, so I think anyone with sun in their garden needs at least one!

  20. Pearl Bailey was an awesome performer and this rose is a fitting tribute to her in the garden. So pretty are the blooms!

  21. Redneck Rosarian - If I were to be so lucky as to have a rose named after me, I would want one as pretty as this!

  22. Sing to Me - I love the title and your way with words and especially your love for roses. I have been very fond of roses all of my life. I like their beauty, their fragrance, their vast array of colors. I'm your new follower and look forward to reading more of your interesting rose articles.

  23. Southwest Cottage Designs - There's so much to love about roses, as you state. A plant loved for ages. Welcome!


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