Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who are You?

I planted some 'Stargazer' lilies in my garden last year.  They were a fun surprise to see in the garden when they bloomed.  A beautiful, cheerful pink, with dots and frills.  I fell in love.

(Lilies from last year)

Filled with confidence, I ordered more lilies.  Some pink, some white, and a few more 'Stargazers'.  So, imagine my surprise when my lilies began to open and this is what they looked like:

Hmmm..... they don't look pink.  Definitely not white, and they're not 'Stargazers', either.  Frantically, I started trying to figure out this mystery.

Was I sent the the wrong lilies by mistake?  I went to the vendor's website where I had ordered the lilies, and determined that it looks a lot like Lily 'Cappuccino'.   A mix-up in my order sounds plausible.  Well, I decided, I must have received the wrong lily by mistake!  As pretty as they are, they are probably not something I would have picked out.  I didn't order this....did I?

Maybe it's not a mistake.  Maybe I actually purchased this lily.  Was that the only order of lilies I placed this year?  I began to thumb through my plant tags in a final effort to positively identify this mysterious interloper.

And there it was.

One bag of lilies picked up on impulse.  They were only marked as "Oriental Lily mixed".  Hmmm..... Lily 'Cappuccino' is supposedly an Asiatic hybrid lily, not an Oriental.   So, perhaps they're a different lily.  But, still, they look like 'Cappuccino'.  So, maybe they're not from my impulse purchase mixed lily bag!  Which leads me back to a mix-up in my order.

It became clear I will never figure this out.  I don't know if they are from the 'mixed' bag, or from a mix-up.  I just have to admit - I don't know who they are!  :(  I hate that!

Do you like to know the names of "everyone" in your garden?


  1. Yes, I hate that too, not knowing. I do kind of like those mystery lilies though!

  2. What a striking, exotic looking lily. I really like it. I've so many plants in the garden that I have no idea what they are. Many just show up from no where. All the best, Kelli.

  3. They are pretty, whatever they are! I have a lot of little perennials planted everywhere, and mostly don't remember their names (I lose a lot of tags too). It does not bother me in the least.

  4. Mine are mostly indigenous species, which makes them easier to nail down, when I've lost the name. Have inherited unnamed roses, from Anna, so - Anna's Red etc ;~)

  5. If you don't know their names, what will you do when you want more like them? I like to know their names and have them written down somewhere because I know I am going to forget. Like Diana, if they're inherited, I give them a garden name.

    I bothered the other day to look up daylilies Superlative and Kent's Favorite II so I could figure out which was which of those and which was the one I grew from seed, all similar.

  6. Jess - As I garden more, it bothers me more not knowing. I used to not care, but now I want a record! Glad I'm not the only one!

    Kelli - A lot of my plants don't self-seed, so I pretty much put everything in the dirt at one point or another. I guess I like to know in case something does well, I'll know what it is!

    Masha - That's probably a healthier attitude! I have lost a lot of tags, but I'm trying to keep up with them. I guess it just makes me mad at myself when I don't have a tag or name!

    Diana - I don't have a lot of passalong plants. I like the way you name them!

    Nell Jean - Thank you! Thank you! So, I'm not crazy after all! That's right - if I want more, I need to know what they are! Thanks for understanding.

  7. I wouldn't have chosen those either but they are lovely, so I would not be upset about it. I do that too ... I plant things and forget the names, forget where I left the tags and ... one day I will forget where I left my head!

    Your photos are gorgeous, as always!

  8. Except that I find the "Cappuccino" lilies more beautiful and unusual than the "Stargazer", the point is that sometimes I'm capable of confusing my children names. Most probably the Alzheimer's disease coming on... :D

  9. Heavens, I can't keep the names of plants in my head. I was just thinking about the variety of hostas I have after reading an article in Fine Gardening. Realized I don't know their names. Oh well. Maybe some day I'll try to id them.

  10. GardeningBlog - I will probably learn to love these rather unusual lilies. haha - I'm with you on the head thing!

    dona - Yes, as time goes on, I won't remember my own name, much less each plants! Thanks for putting it into perspective.

    Marcia - Now that you say that, I have lots of hostas that I don't know the names of, either. I purchased them years ago. I suppose I should just accept I don't know much of what's in my garden!

  11. I too, like to know what is growing in my garden. I must say the pink lily, Stargazer, is spectacular. I can understand your infatuation. ;)

  12. There are some nameless things in my garden. Life is too busy to remember everything! Your flowers look great, and this is what important!

  13. I've tried being less stringent about knowing every name of every plant but I can't seem to help myself. It' s a bit compulsive but I guess that's just who I am! I think getting a lily that's so obviously not what you thought would distract me to pieces.

  14. Holley I am sometimes frustrated when I don't know what I have planted, but I keep trying to figure it out..oh well...I wouldn't stress if you like them.. if not then I gift them to someone who will...

  15. So this is what happens when we start to go. Just kidding. I always think, "Oh I'll remember..." only to go back a few days later and kick myself for not writing it down. Despite some kind of erroneous purchase, or not, the lilies are really gorgeous. I hope you'll keep them.

  16. You have some beautiful Lilies. Mine haven't bloomed yet. Something to look forward to.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  17. StoBlogger - I hope I actually received more Stargazers! I suppose I will know eventually. I was so thrilled last year when they opened. That was my first year to try lilies and I fell in love.

    Tatyana - Oh, I agree that life is too busy to remember everything. I guess I'm a bit odd - I like to go around the garden, talking to the plants by name!

    Marguerite - Perhaps that's my dilemma. Not so much that I don't know it's name, but that it's such a surprise! It's not supposed to be here! :)

    Donna - I actually like anything that blooms and lives! haha I'm not one that is too color conscious. I think all plants go together, so even though they're not what I ordered, I will definitely keep them. They are a bit unusual, and I like that.

    Grace - I'm been 'going' for a long time! ;) If I don't keep the tags, I have a very hard time remembering anything! I rely on keeping tags to help me know 'who's' in the garden.

    Cher - Mine are just starting. These are the first to open, and I've noticed some pink one (those I actually ordered!) starting to open. That's what makes gardening so fun - always something to look forward to!

  18. I forget the names of my plants so I use my blog to keep a record of them all.

    I'm not sure if anyone gave you a suggestion to the name of your lily but I am 99% sure that they are Netty's Pride.

    Have a look and compare.....

  19. leavesnbloom - Thanks so much for a name! Maybe this did come from the mixed bag after all!


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