Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best Rose, August 2011

August here is hot.  Dry.  And this year it's been very, very hot.  Very, very dry.  When I go outside, I'm amazed that the plants can take this weather.  I can't take it!  I run outside to check out the garden early in the morning, snap a few pictures, and retreat back into the shade and relative coolness of the house.  But, because of these conditions, I thought this would be the best time to show you what's been doing well here.  The best rose, the best perennial, and the best groundcover.   At least, what looks best this month!

We'll start with the best rose.

'Apple Blossom Flower Carpet Rose'

Roses come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and colors.  They can be disease resistant or not, popular or not, good for exhibition or landscaping, grow tall and upright or crawl along the ground.  Roses are different from most other shrubs because each rose has different qualities.  One of the qualities of Flower Carpet roses is that they are generally very easy to grow.  I like that quality in a rose.

I've had these roses for a number of years, planted in front of some low windows.  I can see them from inside as well as out, and that brings a smile to my face.  They don't have a large area to spread, so they do get a bit high, but I keep them to a manageable level (about 3 ft.) with my electric hedge trimmers.   Yes, I admit it - electric hedge trimmers!  I told you they were easy care!

Not only easy to grow but also disease resistant.  And still blooming abundantly in this heat.  Normally the blooms would be a bit more pink.  Heat affects the color of a lot of rose blooms, and Apple Blossom has been no exception.

Above shows its true color, a picture taken from this spring.

And don't forget to bring some joy into the house!  Although they have no scent, I still love to put a spray of these in arrangements, and think they would be lovely as the main feature of, or just an accent to, a bridal bouquet.

If you're wanting a low growing, spreading rose that will bloom abundantly in the heat, you may want to consider 'Apple Blossom'.  It's been a winner for me.

Want more information?  Click HERE to go to the official Tesselaar fact sheet.


  1. That is one pretty Rose and lots of blooms. I like easy care and I love that you use the hedge trimmer. LOL
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Those roses are phenomenal! One of these years I am going to put in the effort and grow them. Way jealous of yours.

  3. Wow, 'Apple Blossom' is hard to beat! I am honestly surprised that it does bloom that well in the heat, especially at the temperatures that you are having lately. I think it will go on my wish list for the future as I am looking for a tough rose to replace some other plants around a column with a gazing ball that don't work there.

  4. That is one sweet rose! It certainly looks like a winner in all areas. Although they have no scent, they are still beautiful.


  5. It is amazing what the heat does to the colors, but any rose that can still flourish has my vote! Even washed out, this is a beautiful rose. I hope you get some rain soon!

  6. I have the flower carpet rose "red". Does pretty much the same, however its foliage has more gloss. This heat doesn't even effect it. Amazing.

  7. Cher - I'm all about easy care! I love this rose - the little flowers just form the most perfect bouquets.

    ONG - You should grow some of these. They are tough!

    Christina - I think it would look gorgeous in that setting! I am surprised it's blooming as well as it is, too. This summer has not been a good one for so many of my plants.

    Flower Lady - I think this rose is stunning from afar, but it really enchants me up close. Each tiny rose is so perfectly formed. And in such nice clusters. If it didn't have thorns, it would be perfect! lol

    debsgarden - I have a white carpet rose, and it took me a while to realize this rose should be pink instead of white! I like it just as well, but will be happy to see it blooming pink again this fall. Thanks for the rain wishes.

    greggo - Oh, I bet the red is beautiful! Glad to know it's also a prolific bloomer unfazed by the heat. Does the color fade?

  8. Your roses look great, especially first photo is beautiful. The Princess Diana rose is a white one, really pretty. Kelli

  9. I use Apple Blossom quite a bit on landscape designs. It is an easy care rose that blooms and blooms.

  10. Kelli - White roses are so pretty, even though this one is supposed to be pink! It will be interesting to see it turn back to pink when the weather cools.

    GWGT - And I bet your customers are very happy with it, too. I really should use this rose more!

  11. I stood looking over an appleblossom flower carpet rose at the beginning of the season but decided against it. I need an entire list of these really truly heat resistant plants. Keep em coming.

  12. Jess - Don't you just hate it when you do that? I know I do. I'm learning a lot from this (brutal) year!


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