Friday, August 5, 2011

Hope Grows August 2011

It's Hope Grows Day again, and I had to look back to see what I could have hoped for in July!  I knew it would be hot.  I knew I would be unable to work in these extreme temperatures.  But, in reading that post, I had a lot of hope!

So, were my hopes achieved?  Yes!

Well, maybe not completely, but mostly.

I hoped that the well would be complete.  And it is!!!!  Thank goodness - my plants would not be making it without extra water right now.

I hoped to take joy in every bloom.  And I have.  It's amazing to me that anything is blooming, so it is especially wonderful to see a bloom.

I hoped to find bees, butterflies, and dragonflies carrying on their lives.  And I have.

I hoped that not too many plants would die, and if so, that I would replace them with something better.  And I think I have done that.  (fingers crossed)

And I hoped that I would have my fall garden started by now.  Whoops!  I should have done that, but I haven't yet.  Need to start working on that one!

So, what's my hope for August?

Rain would be nice.  Lower temps.  Wake me up - I'm dreaming again!

Ok, August.  Let's see...  How about getting that fall garden started?  That's something that must be done!!!!!  It's hard to think of a fall garden when it's so hot out, but I know I'll be so thrilled to have fresh vegetables this fall.

Hanni's right.  Even at the hottest time of the year, in one of the worst droughts, there is still something to hope for in the garden!


  1. A lovely, positive post that puts me in mind of the poignant Emily Dickinson poem (Hope is the thing with feathers/That perches in the soul). I used these words to preface one of my novel chapters and I also gave my hero the name Hope. Hope is such an important thing to have; sometimes it's the only thing we do have. Thank you for reminding me. The Time Sculptor

  2. I hope you get rain and lower temps too! Here in DC we got rain a couple of days ago and things have cooled down to the mid-80s. Not bad for August! Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I really hope you get lower temperatures in August! A lovely post Holley, I love the photos of the burreflies and flowers!

  4. Your post is perfect...I love your optimism and how you are finding the beauty in what you are given. :) I'm still sending thoughts of rain your way!

  5. Jane - Hope is truly important, and Hanni's meme every month is a wonderful way to look at the garden.

    Bumble Lush - So glad you're getting some nice weather! It seems most of the US is not right now. Maybe August won't be so bad after all.

    GardeningBlog - Isn't it amazing that the butterflies could be out in this heat? I'm so glad there are a few things blooming for them right now!

    Hanni - Every little bloom is special right now. And the butterfly was so exciting to see!

  6. Great post, and so true...even during the bad times, there is always something to look forward to :-) Here's to crossing my fingers you get some good rain!

  7. I think it is wonderful that you can have such a good attitude when the heat is so fearsome. I do hope you have not lost too many plants.

    A fall garden is a great idea. What will you grow?

  8. Holley there is something wonderful about having hope. I hope, that your hopes for the future might be fulfilled. Your garden looks amazing considering the heat that you are having. Very nice photos!

  9. Scott - I guess that's why gardeners are such optimistic people. Thanks for the crossed fingers! I'm keeping mine crossed, too.

    Julie - I will grow tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage - a whole list of things! I have never had a fall garden, but I've heard that fall gardens in Texas do better than the spring ones most years, since it gets so hot so fast here.

    Christina - Thanks for hoping! :) I'm taking lots of notes. Things that haven't done well, I'll going to try and avoid, and I'll try to buy more of what's working. Lots of learning going on this year!

  10. I hope you get some rain and some cool weather. I need to get my fall garden started too. Everything out there now has bolted except the tomatoes, which aren't growing at all.

  11. This is a beautiful post! I love the photos, especially the one with the yellow rose bud. I hope you'll get some rain. There is no hope for me as it won't rain here until October.

  12. Cottage Dome - I'm pleased you think so. Hope is a wonderful thing, and it keeps us gardeners going.

    Alison - We are in the same shape - everything's bolted, and too hot for the tomatoes. I hope I can be more successful with a fall garden!

    Olga - No rain until October! That is stressful. August is our turning point. Very hot at the beginning, but cooler usually by the end of the month. Well, maybe not cooler but usually not as hot! :)

  13. Spicebush Swallowtails I believe. Nice post. Pretty optimistic you is.

  14. Greggo - You're right - Spicebush swallowtails. Aren't they a beautiful butterfly? No other way to be but optimistic!

  15. Those swallowtails are so large and so beautiful and graceful on your butterfly bush. I love fall gardens and all the colours associated with that season.

  16. leavesnbloom - I, too, love the fall colors. I dream of living where it is spring all year long, but I wonder if I would tire of it. Really, the seasons are a wonderful thing.


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