Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Streak

Are you old enough to remember "streaking"?  For those of you who are not, streaking is running naked through someplace, usually a football game, assembly, or ceremony.  It was popular in the 70's, and there was even a humorous song about this fad by Ray Stevens called "The Streak".

Now, I was too young to streak (thank goodness!), but I do remember the fad.

Well, the awards ceremony has been interrupted by - a streak!

In case you don't know what awards ceremony I'm referring to, I have been naming plants that have been doing very well in this heat.  I have already awarded 'Apple Blossom Flower Carpet' rose as the best rose, and Pavonia as the best perennial.   Today, I was supposed to award the best ground cover.  But it will have to wait until tomorrow, because this award ceremony has unexpectedly been interrupted!

What kind of streak interrupted the ceremony?  A streak of rain!!!

That may not be so unusual for you, but for me, that was shocking!  We have had no measurable rain since June 22 (the only day it rained in June!).  None.  Nada.  Zip.

But yesterday, out of the blue - a streak of rain came through!!!  We laughed, and cheered, and jumped up and down.

And when it was through, we had received .5" of rain.  Ah, relief.  Maybe not enough to really help the trees, but certainly enough to make most of my plants smile.

We will return to the awards ceremony to name the best ground cover tomorrow!


  1. We got hit during the night with rain. The first in about 6 weeks and in knocked my power out for about 4 hours this morning. We sure needed it though. You really got drenching rain there also.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. Woo hoo! That's awesome, awesome, awesome, Holley! What a lovely sight. No, .5" isn't much, but it sure beats nothing. Hope the rain cooled things down a little for you, too.

  3. Hurray for you. I know how you feel. We've been in extreme drought conditions for at least a year, and to have finally started getting rain again for the last month or so, has been wonderful.

    May your gardens and the surrounding trees flourish with all this liquid sunshine.


  4. So glad to hear you got some rain. I am sure it was soaked up fast. Hope you get many more streakers. LOL!

  5. Hallelujah!!!!!!! So happy for you. We got about five minutes of rain this morning -- just posted about it. We will take what we can get!!

  6. and what a rain it was! how nice to not only get rain but receive so much of it when it is desperately needed.

  7. I well remember the streak "fastest thing on two feet"! This rain looks more like waterfalls than streaks though... or as we say across the pond "it's persisting down"! Hope everything feels lovely and fresh afterwards :-)
    The Time Sculptor

  8. Praise God! A time to praise and give thanks for sure. I have been praying along with you, so this news is truly exciting to hear.

  9. Cher - So glad to hear about your rain! Sorry you lost power, though. I take it you've got power now. It's always amazing to me how much we rely upon that unseen power, electricity.

    Stacy - It was great - and yes, it did cool things down. It was 75 at 10:00 last night - compared to the 99 at 10:00 the night before. Of course, today it's supposed to get up to 105 again, but this morning was nice enough to get out there and weed a bit.

    Flower Lady - Glad your drought may be coming to an end. I could tell a big difference in my flowers this morning! Isn't it amazing what rain can do!

    Lona - haha Yes, I'll take that kind of streaker anytime!

    Connie - It was unexpected, but so delightful! We kept going outside, then checking the radar, going back outside, checking the radar, etc. for a while until it finally got to us! It was thrilling!

    Toni - Oh, I'm so glad!!! I hope that helps revive some of your beautiful garden.

    Marguerite - I was so thankful we got a measurable amount, and not just a drop or two. It was exciting to see it actually raining - not sprinkling or misting!

    Jane - haha Yes, that was part of the lyrics! That song was quite popular, and silly. Persisting down - that's exactly what it was doing! It was nice enough to cool us off for a bit, too. I'm certain the plants appreciated that just as much as the rain!

    Carol - Yes, thank you for your prayers. It was totally out the blue. As you say, a blessing.

  10. Holley, what a relief! I am so happy for you that it has rained in your neck of the woods! Have the temperatures come down, too, a little bit? I like the "streaking" analogy, very creative writing!

  11. Bring on more of those kind of streakers! No rain since June 22...oh, what a long, long, dare I say it? LONG time! I bet you were jumping for joy! And yes, I remember streakers cuz I'm not too young to have been one. (But I never joined the ranks of streakers, I didn't want to scare anyone, even back then!)

  12. It won't stop raining torrentially here and is doing it right now as I type this comment. Is there ever too much of a good thing. With so many bloggers in drought conditions, I am counting my blessings.

  13. What good news to read that you finally got rain! It's more like the streak (of no rain) has been broken.

  14. Hooray! I know the joy, and I hope more will soon come your way. BTW, I am not too young to remember streaking. As a matter of fact, I was at the prime age when that particular fad came around. Never did it myself but saw others do it!

  15. Fabulous - So pleased for you (and your plant :))
    Hope you get more soon.

  16. Christina - The temperatures did come down after the rain, overnight. It's another hot day today, though. While the temperature was down, it was wonderful!

    Karen - Isn't it funny the things that stick in the mind? I hadn't thought of streaking in years, and am not sure why I thought of it now. I remember wondering back then why they did it, if they weren't embarrassed, and what would happen if they got caught!

    Carolyn - I feel for you having too much rain. A drowning garden is just as bad as one dying from thirst.

    Marcia - You're right - I hope that streak is gone for good now!

    deb - I never saw anyone streaking, just heard of it. I wonder if the streakers practiced running first. I would hate to be a slow streaker!

    GardeningBlog - The plants are so very pleased today. It really is amazing what rain will do. I hope this will just be the start of storms going through.

  17. hurray! so happy for you holley. your plants seem so happy :) HAPPY gardening!


  18. Oh, I'm SO happy to hear the rain finally came! This is an interruption that you don't mind accommodating, I bet! I'm a product of the 70s and remember the song and the fad. Never tried it though. LOL

  19. Great idea on your awards Holley! A bit busy here and still doing some catching up on the blogs I follow :)

    Your plants will love all of that rain! Streaking is also such a British thing (and mooning too), lol!

  20. Angel - The plants are thrilled! There's just something about rain that we can't duplicate, and the plants certainly know the difference.

    Grace - I think the song was what made the fad seem like such a harmless little joke. That was a more forgiving time. Not sure how people would react today.

    Mark and Gaz - I had no idea the British also streak! I wonder where it started first. Mooning - hadn't thought about that, but could make another interesting post! ;)

  21. Oh, rain! That's what it looks like.

  22. StoBlogger - Yes, I had almost forgotten, too! I hope you get some soon.

  23. Who would have ever thought the 'best photo ever' on blogs would be of rain? SO glad to hear!!

  24. Shyrlene - haha I agree. It was fun to take pictures while the rain started coming down! I hope I can take more pictures like that soon!

  25. Yael - Yes, we were both glad to get the rain. I hope we get more soon. I didn't remember about the Academy Awards getting streaked! Thanks for the reminder. I never saw anyone streaking, just heard about it. What a shock that must have been!


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