Monday, August 15, 2011

Bloom Day Roses

It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day again, and yes, there are blooms in the garden!

Mrs. Dudley Cross

Spireas, cannas, hibiscus, coneflowers, blanketflowers, gardenias, hydrangeas, pavonia, and many more flowers are still blooming and bringing color and cheer to the garden.

About Face

Last month I posted a list of roses that were blooming at that time.  I wondered which roses would be blooming again this month.  There are fewer roses blooming now than there were last month, although I have begun watering them faithfully.

Monsieur Tillier

Why would there be fewer roses blooming?  Well, since then, we have had temperatures of over 100 degrees F every day.  Some of the blooms are smaller, but they are still cheerful!

Carefree Celebration

This is a list of roses blooming today:

  About Face
*America (climber)
  Carefree Celebration
  Carefree Beauty
*Carnival Glass (mini)
*Cinco de Mayo
  Ebb Tide
  Flower Carpet (Appleblossom)
*Home Run
*Julia Child
*Knockout (double red)
  Monsieur Tillier
*Mrs. Dudley Cross (old garden tea)
  Red Cascade (mini climber)

* In bloom for last month's post also.

Carnival Glass w/ Red Cascade in background

Roses may look delicate, but they are tough workhorses in my garden.


  1. I have a totally different challenge growing roses - bitter winters. My roses are nearly done for the summer because I have so few rebloomers. But we haven't totally given up yet.

  2. Your roses are very strong indeed. They look as perfect as if it were their first bloom. Happy GBBD!

  3. You have a wonderful variety of roses blooming. Mine are only blooming sporatically, but triple digit temps are typical for our summers here in central CA so I have only a bloom here and there. Happy Bloom Day!

  4. Its always a joy to visit your garden and today is no exception! Love the Carefree Celebration.
    Happy GBBD :)

  5. Very pretty Roses. I'm surprised things are doing well for you in this heatwave.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. Oh my goodness, my very favorite is About Face, then Carefree Celebration and Carnival Glass. Walking in your gardens must be a wonderful, heady experience.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  7. Roses in our garden tend to suffer from mildew when they get to dry. How do you manage in the heatwave you've been having? All the blooms look superb.

  8. As always your roses are amazing. So beautiful even in the heat of summer. Mine are started to grow and bloom again getting ready for cool autumn. Happy GBBD

  9. I do miss having roses in the garden (well, except for rampant rust and aphids). My last garden I had a small David Austin English rose garden, with 9 different varieties. There was really only one headache rose, a rust prone 'Winchester Cathedral', the others I really enjoyed having in the garden. It was very hot in mid-summer there though, with temperatures often above 110 in July. Just when I thought the roses were fried to a crisp for the season, the cooler temperatures in late August would usually spur on a late round of blooms and foliar growth. I only have a California native rose here, but it's not quite the same. I love the petals on your 'About Face' rose, with the darker shading beneath. I don't think I've seen that rose before.

  10. thanks for the garden tour, it made my evening. I guess I should call you the Tyler Rose. g.

  11. Those roses are doing well despite hot sun!

  12. It's nice to compare blooms month-to-month. Your roses look beautiful. Happy GBBD!

  13. Commonweeder - A cold climate is a hard thing to deal with when it comes to roses. Having the once bloomers that do well in your climate is a smart thing. Thanks for commenting.

    Sage Butterfly - Their blooms are a bit smaller, due to the heat, but I am impressed they are still sending forth blooms with our high night time temps.

    dorothy - It's hard to garden in harsh summer conditions. We feel like the garden should be in full bloom because it is summer, but the plants go dormant due to the heat. Like you, spring and fall are the best times in the garden here.

    GardeningBlog - I have been very impressed with Carefree Celebration this year. I should give her her own post!

    Cher - I'm just as surprised as you! Most of my roses have gone dormant, but I think the extra watering is giving some of them a little boost.

    Flower Lady - As you can tell from the pictures, peach is my favorite color! I've never met a peach rose I didn't like!

    Janet - That's interesting, must have something to do with our temperatures? Our big disease here is blackspot, and that doesn't last in the heat. Mildew and rust are not that common here, though I've seen it now and then.

    Yael - You're right. It's called About Face because it's darker on the outside of the petals, and lighter on the inside, the reverse of the majority.

    Donna - How nice that yours are going to put on a great show soon! Our autumn flush is usually in October.

    Curbstone Valley - It's funny how different roses can be. That's why I think there's a rose for everyone. Not all will be winners - I have a few I need to prune from the garden - but there's always one that will work. David Austin's roses are reliably beautiful, less reliable on disease resistance. When you get that perfect balance, it's wonderful.

    greggo - There are so many gardeners in Tyler that grow roses, but not many blogging about them. I'll have to do a post on Tyler's reputation as the Rose Capital sometime.

    Malar - Hard to believe, isn't it?

    Bumble Lush - It is nice to compare. Having a list gives a great idea of what's really working, and not just showy for a moment.

  14. I think that my favourite has to be "About Face" - does it have a scent?

  15. You have a lot of blooms to share despite the heat! I think MT looks the best of the lot.

  16. A friend of mine who lives in TX told me that her roses go dormant when the temps are consistently over 100 and when the temps drop, the roses start in again. Maybe that will happen for you? I hope so! You have such a fabulous variety!

  17. leavesnbloom - No, no scent. :( It's a bit pinker in the heat than usual - which generally has a much more apricot color. Still lovely with the color reverse.

    Masha - MT has such a small bloom size, it's blooms are not noticeably affected by this heat. And is has several blooms on it, so obviously it likes it hot!

    Cathy and Steve - Your friend is right. Most of my roses are dormant, now, and I'm surprised to see this many blooming. This fall, when the temps drop, they should all bloom out in a glorious flush. Something worth waiting for!

  18. I so admire anyone who can grow roses, and yours are perfect. My garden consists of only one kind, Knockouts, and even they struggle with my inept care. So much beauty in your garden!

  19. Karen - I started with Knockouts, too, and am slowly learning which roses do best for me. I appreciate your kind comments, although I think it's the conditions which are just right for roses - certainly nothing I've done.

  20. It must be absolutely beautiful there! If the weather wasn't so perfect here I'd wish I was there!

  21. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Belated happy GBBD! My roses are on a bit of a break right now, so it is nice to be able to enjoy the pretty roses in your garden. Hopefully, I will get a second flush of blooms before the fall frosts.

  22. PlantPostings - It's not so beautiful here. A few tough roses blooming, and some other plants that can take the heat. But the weather is really hurting the landscape, and where it's not being watered, everything is slowly dying. Glad to hear the weather is perfect where you are!

    Jennifer - I'm sure they'll give you a lovely fall flush before dreaded winter sets in. I'm not looking forward to winter this year, though I should be. Hopefully we will get some rain then.


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