Friday, October 7, 2011


Are you looking for a rose that is so beautiful it will make you gasp?

I have just the rose for you!

Gruss An Aachen.
I bought this rose simply because I saw it in bloom.  This was a rose I had to have. 

It's blooming again now, and I am just as taken with its beauty as when I first saw it.

The color of its blooms range from apricot, cream, pink, to near white. 

There is so much I could tell you about Gruss An Aachen.  And I will.  But not today.

Today I just want you to look. 

And gaze at its beauty (and possibly gasp!).


  1. Isn't it just the most wonderful rose? I have it and just love the blooms and the way it just keeps re-blooming all summer long.

  2. Holley, Gruss an Aachen is certainly a lovely rose! I like the colors very much and also that they are so changeable. But what is best, is that it is blooming so profusely for you right now. Since many of my roses are resting or even have given up for this year already (!)that is certainly one of Gruss an Aachen's greatest assets. Thanks for another beautiful post!

  3. So pretty. I think roses that are have these color variations are so much more alluring because they change moods with the light. Looking forward to learning more about it!

  4. Lona - I do just love this rose's blooms, it's many shades of color, and how big they are! Plus, I love all the petals, and the way it opens into a big pom-pom! :) Yes, this is a wonderful rose!

    Christina - I can't believe your roses have already given up! I thought you were warm for most of the year.

    Wife, Mother, Gardener - I love the way it changes colors, too. I can't say which color I like the best, either. They are all pretty!

  5. I feel a little like an outsider here. This is a rose I really am not fond of. I think it is all the transition of color. I prefer the clear color roses. Your images are beautiful of it though.

  6. GWGT - I think that's why I love roses -there are so many different ones, and all so varied, there's one for everyone!

  7. How amazing to see the juxtaposition of tight buds next to those magnificant pom poms! Beautiful photos of an intriguing rose.

  8. Holley I am having rose envy again...I just love to see these beauties and imagine the heavenly scent.

  9. Gasp! I even smelt the roses. It must have come from my neighbor's.

  10. Chris - It's amazing so much rose can fit into a little bud like that, isn't it? It seems the rose just keeps growing and expanding!

    greggo - :) I do love it.

    Mac - Thank you.

    Donna - This is my kind of rose. I love the combination of yellow and pink, and peach and cream. I think they're so much more brilliantly colored since it cooled off.

    One - haha No wonder you gasped if you thought you could smell this rose across the computer screen!

  11. I am joining the group that is gasping! You have a wonderful rose!

  12. Oh yes. I'm gasping. What a beautiful rose! Thank you for sharing. I can see why it's one of your favorites.

  13. Terrific looking Rose, when I saw the first picture I thought it was the Pemberton Rose Felicia.

  14. It is beautiful! I probably should add more Roses here and get rid of some perennials. Just have to find the ones that really don't need chemicals.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  15. Tatyana - It really has been a great rose. I couldn't have fallen for a better rose!

    Grace - There's just something about that soft apricot color that really calls to me. I love the change of color, too. You never quite know what to expect, so it's fun to see it every day.

    Alistair - I'll have to look that one up! Sounds like my kind of rose.

    Cher - Oh, you really should add a rose or two. I don't ever spray - try the older classes of roses. They are generally a bit more disease resistant. Good luck on finding the perfect rose for your area.

  16. Beautiful shade of colours! I like this rose too!

  17. Malar - It really is a beauty. And such a prolific bloomer!

    Happy Homemaker UK - This rose deserves more than one post. Glad you like it.

  18. Brooke - Thank you so much! I am so appreciative and honored.


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