Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wahoo! It's Time!

I've been waiting.  And it's finally time!  Wahoo!

That's right - all spring I waited.  All summer long, too.  I've been waiting for the rain.  Yes, we've had rain!  Hallelujah!

Now I feel as though I can plant all those plants I didn't get to plant this spring or summer.  I've already started planting boxwoods around the main rose garden.

And I've got lots of plans for many more plants.  More roses, of course.  Some companions.  And replacements for poor plants that didn't quite make it.  And now that it has rained, I finally have hope that they will live and thrive.  In ground that is soft, moist, and nurturing, instead of the hard, dry, baked clay that it was before the rains came.

Wahoo!  It's time to plant!  And I'm ready!


  1. I've been doing the same thing. Planting some new shrubs and transplanting some things. Done now for the year. Will do my plans for next year over the winter. Think I want to maybe add a few more Roses if I can find some that really don't need to be sprayed. :)
    Ohio Outdoors

  2. Wish we could have sent you 1/2 of the rain we've had since August. We are still waterlogged here but can't complain, everything has been lush. Great to hear you have rain, plant away!!

  3. I know how you feel- we finally got our rain last weekend. Happy for you!!

  4. Holley, I've been reading through all your posts I missed and having the best time! First, I'm so glad to hear you have had some rain finally. What a relief this must be, nothing stresses a garden and the gardener more than drought. And thanks for the reminder to get the plants in the ground, I have some sitting here too, and just say 'tomorrow' every time I walk by. Soon, tomorrow will be too late here in the Frost Belt.

    Oh, the mantis is such a prehistoric looking thing, glad he made his/her home there in your garden, though. We don't have any of them here, but spiders galore. And, unfortunately, the possums and raccoons, too, which are also effective chicken killers.

    The Peace rose's history is amazing, along with all your other roses, if I ever grow up as a gardener, I would have to ask your advice about which roses to grow as my knowledge is limited. Perhaps they are best grown by a gardener like you who has the talent and devotion to bring out their very best. I have never seen roses as beautiful as yours!

  5. Holley, I can feel your excitement through the post! I am so happy for you that you are getting rain, finally! Wishing you a lot of fun planting many new things. The new boxwoods that you have put in already look great. Can't wait to see photos of your planting frenzy in the future. By the way I will be out there, too, planting. I put in more penstemons already, and intend to plant a daylilly and some exciting new bulbs.

  6. Glad you got some rain, Holley. We have had some rain today also... Luckily, we planted our Pansies and spring bulbs this past week ---so the water is wonderful for them... Good Luck!!!! Hope you get much more rain down there.

  7. Cher - Good luck on researching just the right rose for you. They're out there, but every area is different, so just ask around.

    ONG - Wish you could have, too. We are just happy we are finally getting some. Maybe it will start to rain on a regular basis. I'm hoping this will save some of the large trees around here.

    Kacky - Isn't rain just the most magical thing when you need it? We jumped for joy!

    Karen - You are too sweet. My roses grow well here because I have a full sun garden, they like the acidic soil, and it gets too hot for blackspot. But they do give me joy!

    Christina - I am just getting started. I have a lot to do this fall! Good luck on getting all your plans done, too.

    Betsy - Isn't it nice when you know the rain is settling in things just planted? They can now settle in for a long winter's nap.

  8. Sounds like you're going to have some fun. Blogging is such an eye opener. I never would have considered that as I'm shutting my garden down for winter the south is now in their preferred gardening season.

  9. After the long drought now you some rain, yay! Imagine the planting possibilites indeed. Enjoy :)

  10. Marguerite - And it's amazing to me that northern gardeners are getting ready for winter so soon!

    Mark and Gaz - Yey is right! I didn't dare plant anything before - now I can breath a sigh of relief!

  11. Hurray for rain and for gardening. It's hard to garden when there's no moisture and all your plants are withering away. Hope you have some extended gardening time.

  12. I am so happy for you and everyone in your area.

  13. So happy to read rain.....

  14. YEAH! Awesome! Have fun planting and digging!!!!!!!!!

  15. We rent our house, so I don't garden anymore - but I did for years. How I loved getting dirt under my fingernails and choosing my new 'babies' at the nursery. I'll live vicariously through you for now :) Happy planting! XOL

  16. It's good you have your most awaited rain now. We are like you during our dry seasons when most plants turn brown, some fruit trees even die. Regarding your comment in my post about Duranta, i wonder why you can't get it to flower profusely like mine, and Amy in Austin also said the same. You said you have clay soil, so maybe if you want Duranta you have to ameliorate it to have good drainage. My Duranta doesnt det any care, water, or fertilizer, i just prune it. But it likes good drainage and our soil is sandy loam. It is easy to manipulate soil anyway. If Donna in Niagara can have hers look like mine, you can do it too. Duranta can thrive a wider range of temperatures.

  17. Box is a great plant for bordering beds. Good luck with your planting!

  18. Holley so happy you have rain. We had a small drought and I had to wait until fall to plant and move is such excitement...enjoy!!

  19. GirlSprout - I hope we have a long autumn. I have a lot to do, and it was too hot and dry this summer to do any of it! I hope winter stays away for a while, so I can get caught up a bit!

    carolyn - Yes, Texans are happy, happy, happy!

    GWGT - I had almost given up on it! It was a big surprise when it finally rained!

    My Garden Diaries - I have missed some of the sales waiting for the rain. I have been planning, since I couldn't go outside and do. Now I'm ready to work!

    Happy Homemaker UK - I hope you have a wonderful rented garden to enjoy. Although I would miss having new 'babies', too. I hope you get a garden of your own soon.

    Andrea - Interesting information on the duranta. Perhaps sand is the way to go. I never thought about amending the soil before. Yours is gorgeous. I'll have to think about trying again.

    Kelli - I do love boxwood! I have a lot more planned - hopefully I'll get it all done!

    Donna - Waiting is not one of my strongest assets! But, I resisted buying any plants this summer or even transplanting, as I knew nothing would make it. I'm ready now to move everything around. Enjoy moving your plants, too!


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