Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 2011 Hope Grows Day

It's Hope Grows Day again!  Last month, my hopes were for my crabapple trees and my crossvine to be in bloom, and for continued blooms in the bulb garden.

I am happy to report:

The crabapple trees put on a beautiful show:

And my crossvine is in full bloom:

As for the bulb garden, well, it looks a bit messy, but the Dutch Irises are beginning to bloom.

Hope Grows Day is hosted by Sweet Bean Gardening and these are the simple rules:

Post a photo of something in your garden that you are looking forward to in the next month.  It could be a plant you're hoping to see bloom, a project you're hoping to do, really anything that you are hopeful to see/do in your gardens.  Next month (on the fifth), come back and show us:
1.) the results of what you were hoping for, and
2.) what you are looking forward to for the next month

So, for next month, I am hoping that all my roses will be in full bloom.  Some roses have blooms, but all of them seem to have buds just waiting to pop open:

If they all bloom by next month, as I expect they will, it will be a little early.  But everything is a little early this year as we've had warmer than average temperatures.  It may not seem like a lot to hope for, but my garden is filled with roses - it is definitely the majority stakeholder in my garden - so this will bring my entire garden to life.

And, of course, I am still hoping that the bulb bed will be a success.  Since this is my first year with it, it is a surprise to see what emerges!

Since this is the first year for the bulb bed, I figure some bulbs are still getting their bearings.  Like the above, aren't those cyclamen leaves?  I think they were supposed to have bloomed several months ago.  So, will they figure it out next year?  This bed will probably be ever-changing for several years.

I did plant peonies in this bed, too.  Was that a mistake?  Will they get too big and shade out all the rest of the bulbs?  I may never know.  Peonies are not common in Texas, but I have "heard" (but never seen) that it is possible to grow them here.  Do I have what it takes?  Will they die before they are mature enough to bloom?  All these questions won't be answered for several years.  

That is part of what makes gardening such a fun hobby.  You just never know for sure.


  1. If I had a crabapple, I'd be eagerly awaiting blooms each spring also.

    Hope springs eternal! Each day is new, with little gifts sprinkled here and there.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Perfect. I have my eye on a perfect spot for a crabapple, but not sure dh is on board to have the little apples falling to the ground! :) I think I mentioned it last month, but I am really looking forward to seeing the progress of your bulb bed this year. Great idea.

  3. The crabapple and iris are lovely. Looks like you will have more roses blooming soon too.

  4. Love the Hope Grows idea! That crabapple is making me long for mine to bloom ... in time I keep telling myself.

    Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing!

  5. The cyclamen, depending on how big the leaves are, could by Cyclamen hederifolium which blooms in the fall.

  6. FlowerLady - I love the way you write. I love when the crabapples bloom. But, like a lot of the best things in life, they don't last long.

    Hanni - I have never noticed the little apples falling like you say. I think the birds eat them. I know one year we had a flock of cedar waxwings go through there and they ate them up. The biggest problem I've had with my crabapples is they sucker very badly.

    Brooke - I am so honored! Thank you!!!

    Kelli - I should have lots of roses blooming soon! I'm anxiously awaiting the spring flush.

    ONG - Yes, they will bloom when they are ready. Soon for you, I hope.

    Carolyn - You made me look! They are cyclamen cilicium.

  7. Jealous! Things are changing very slowly here, but soon everything will pop at once! Lovely photos--the shot of the Iris in front of the sculpture is nifty!

  8. I've seriously considered planting a peony and emptying the ice maker over it every winter day that is too warm so it gets enough winter chill. I've chilled tulips, why not a peony?

  9. Very pretty. I am anxiously awaiting the bloom of my Purple Prince Crabapple. Love that tree. Yours is beautiful also but ahead of mine here. Should be showing up soon now. Think in the nice weather last year that it already was by now.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  10. PlantPostings - Yes, everything seems to pop at once, and my garden is just about ready to pop! So exciting!

    NellJean - What an idea! I don't grow tulips, and if it's too warm for the peony, well, I'm just too lazy to fight for it.

    Cher - Isn't that interesting? Last year here, it was cool and wet. This year very hot and dry. Everything thinks it's already summer! We are way ahead of last year's schedule.


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