Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Visit To Chamblee's!

Ask any rosarian in the United States, and the name Chamblee's will be a familiar one.  They are quite popular as a mail order rose supplier.  They are also located in Tyler, Texas, so I don't usually order my roses - I go get them!  I thought you would enjoy a look at this famous rose nursery.

A sign advertises that you have arrived.  85 degrees (F) - fairly cool today!

(The furniture gallery is a different billboard sign.)

Row after row of greenhouses hold roses.

Inside, everything is arranged alphabetically.  Earthkind roses are designated with a special sign.  Austin roses are arranged alphabetically in their own special section.

Very neat, clean, and user friendly.

Just grab a cart and start loading up!

Knowledgeable staff always asks if help is needed.  Sometimes I pump them for information; other times I just wander around, or take a list (not necessarily sticking to it).

Check out in the office is swift, easy, and air-conditioned!

But - do you want to know a secret?
If you visit in person, there is always a section of roses on sale!  These are just the few leftovers of the varieties they no long list.  At usually $5.00 a rose, it's a great place to start shopping  - or finish!

Disclaimer:  I receive no discount, no favors, and am not related in any way to the Chamblees.
Although - I do purchase so much, they once asked if I was a wholesaler!


  1. Not to be rude, but my tongue is hanging out right now! I haven't even fertilized my roses yet; we had snow flurries the other day. What a treat this was, Holley - a look at things to come!

  2. Thanks for "taking us to Chamblees"! It seems everything really is bigger & better in Texas! Lovely, lovely - wish I could visit.

  3. I laughed at your last line - you purchase so much you were asked if you were a wholesaler! What a treat to have such a nice nursery nearby at your disposal.

  4. Thanks for showing me where my Amazone and Isabella Sprunt came from :). Sounds like you had a good time. What roses did you buy??

  5. Holley, that is so interesting for me to see your photos of the Chamblee's Nursery, since I recently ordered from them for the first time two David Austin roses, 'William Shakespeare 2000' and 'Charles Darwin'. Wow, I have to say I am impressed how organized and neat this nursery seems to be. Would love to visit them in person!

  6. Chamblees looks like heaven for a rose person like you. How wonderfully neat and organized for a nursery. It warms my Virgo heart.

  7. Carolyn took the words right out of my mouth..rose heaven...

  8. It is a rosarians dream come true! To visit Chamblees...My My I could do some damage under the $5 tent to be sure. So glad you are able to go in person. Alas, I am relegated to mail order offerings....

  9. Susan - It's so hot here, it's hard to imagine snow! I hope spring comes to you soon.

    Gardening Blog - This is one of the nicest nurseries I have ever visited, with the most knowledgeable people. It really is a nice place to see.

    Marguerite - I do feel lucky that I have a good rose nursery so close. Getting plants in the mail is fine - I do it - but it is so much easier and less stressful to go buy them in person.

    Masha - I had to go outside and write them down - I had a list, but changed my mind after I got there. I ended up with 2-Charles Darwin, 2-Glamis Castle, 4-Cupcake, 2-Ducher, 3-Lion's Fairy Tale, 2-LaMarne, 2- Cream Veranda. These will go in a new area I'm working on, with almost mirror beds. And 1-Frances Dubreuil for another area.

    Christina - I first found Chamblee's looking for an Austin rose. I'm so glad they sell them! They are very organized. I hope you enjoy your new roses.

    Carolyn - Yes, most people that go there comment how clean it is - amazing how little 'dirt' there is! I don't know how they keep it that clean, but arranging things alphabetically makes it very easy to find what rose you're looking for.

    Donna - Yes, heaven. And people wonder how I can go there and spend hours there. Once they start sweating, they start grumbling. Not me. I could stay there and browse all day!

    Redneck Rosarian - The $5 tent is one reason I can resist all those big box roses. I know I can find a rose in better shape for less money, if I just want to impulse shop a rose. Of course, being so close is quite a temptation!

  10. Well, I did not know of the store! But driving from Louisiana to Ft. Worth last year there were roses for sale by the side of the road. and I knew Tyler was a big rose place. I can't wait until I get a chance to visit! Thank you.

  11. Jeannie - Yes, Tyler is big on roses! Next time you get to visit, be sure to go by the Rose Garden. It's free - and filled with beautiful roses.

  12. I just ordered my last rose of the season from there. I desperately want to visit a place like this! The nearest to me is nearly 3 hours away, but I might have to suck it up.


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