Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Veggie Tales

As you know, Mr. Holleygarden planted his own vegetable garden.  Here's a report:

I'm lettuce.  They have been eating all my family and friends down the row.  Every night it seems they are out here digging up one of us.  I'm trying to stay small and inconspicuous.  Not sure if it will help much, though - they've also been eating the radishes and they are good at hiding!

I'm spinach.  You're not going to believe this - but they ate some of us for breakfast the other day!  Breakfast!  Whoever heard of such.  Supposedly, they were going to have eggs, toast and hollandaise sauce on top.  Whew!  It's really getting hot out here.  I feel faint.  If it doesn't cool down some, I'm going to bolt - and take my friend lettuce with me!

We're potatoes.  We're hiding.  We must be pretty good at it, they rarely come down here to look at us.

I am proud to be corn.  I am king of the garden!  I can see all the garden from here - and it needs rain.

I'm squash.  I feel pretty, oh so pretty.  I think I'll bloom soon!

Well, if the squash are going to bloom, us cucumbers are too!  I've seen those show-off tomatoes - they already have blooms on them.  They think they can attract all the bees?  Not on your life!  Hey - I'm good looking!  It's not like I'm some old, wrinkled pickle!

Help us!  Help us!  We peas and beans have become deer food!!!


  1. Talking veggies...they are cute Holley! Your greens are doing well and thriving!

  2. Your plants talk to you too (I'm not the only one)! Looks like a healthy bunch.

  3. Very amusing! I do think sometimes that plants can have a personality.

  4. Three cheers for the peas! Fight back! Fight back! Bite the deer!

  5. Holley, the vegetables that your husband planted look sooo... good! He can be pretty proud of himself. I would love to grow some veggies myself, but I am afraid that they require more work than I can handle. Hmm..., maybe I start with some salad first. That should be doable even for me :-)!

  6. p3chandan - I think they are doing well, too! Very excited to have fresh veggies. I had a small vegetable garden last year, but this one is much bigger.

    Kate - either that, or the sun's getting to me! :)

    Mark - Yes, I agree. Some are wimps and some are stubborn.

    Hanni - Those poor peas. They must be the favorite. Not too much else has been bothered - but those poor peas and beans are chewed down almost every night.

    Christina - Start with a small raised bed! You will be so thrilled and it doesn't take as much work as you initially think.

  7. The veg look great, some good eating this summer! Your soil looks fascinating, looks really dry. We've had a bit of a dry spell in Ireland as well.

  8. Kelli - yes, really dry. We have not had any of the usual spring rains. We have different soil in different areas (strange, I know). This is considered our 'good' soil.

  9. Potatoes! Good for you. I want to grow them, but just don't think I have the space. Haven't given up yet, however.

  10. Potatoes are fun to harvest. The first time I grew them, I did not plant them. They grew out of my mulch pile. But then I found out that was 'illegal' because of spreading potato blight. Not sure your picks on Blotanical are working!

  11. earlysnowdrop - Yes, and I'm going to try sweet potatoes for the first time this year! Looking forward to the slips coming soon! Maybe you could plant just one or two potatoes?

    GWGT - What a surprise you had! This is our first year for growing most these veggies - we are very excited. Well, thanks for trying to pick my post!

  12. Yum, you're well on your way to an excellent harvest! I want some of that fresh lettuce!

  13. cute :)

    wondering what they will say next...

  14. What an enteraining post! I enjoyed getting to know you veggies. And spinach for breakfast! YUM!!! Your garden looks fantastic and healthy. My cucs withered away in the sun already. I really should have provided a screen for them. But my tomatoes, peppers and squash are doing quite well...and I have blooms on my watermelon!! Woo Hoo!

  15. Wow! It looks like someone is really going to be eating good this summer. Looks great!

  16. PlantPostings - We love fresh lettuce here, too. For some reason, my husband always gets sick eating lettuce in restaurants. But home grown, he doesn't. Must be something they spray on it to keep the bugs off?

    Julie - I hope a lot of them say "hey, I've got little fruit!" :)

    Kimberly - Watermelon blooms already! Our watermelons are growing, but no blooms yet. Sure would be fun to have one from our garden on July 4th!

    Susie - That's the plan! And we would love to can some and eat good this winter, too. Of course, the deer may be the ones eating the best!


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