Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dutch Treat

"Dutch treat" is a term used to mean that each party will pay their own way.  I have been having a different kind of dutch treat in my garden this year - my dutch irises have been really putting on a show!  Specifically, Iris x hollandica 'Blue Pearl' has been holding me spellbound.

These beautiful dutch irises are such a deep purple, I would classify them as a royal blue.  The yellow is an unexpected detail to this flower that elevates it to show-off status.

A couple of plants in my garden are playing "dutch treat" with my dutch irises this year.  Separately, they each pay their own way - beautiful and striking, great contributions to the garden.  But combined with the dutch irises, these plants make a composition that is truly mesmerizing.

Here, I have Blue Pearl growing with the white rose, 'Iceberg'.

This perfectly white rose looks lovely next to the dark blue of the irises.  The yellow on the iris, instead of competing, compliments the white rose perfectly.  It's a crisp combination.

It also partners perfectly with coreopsis.

Here, the yellow is the dominant color, with the blue being the accent.

Blue Pearl grows in zones 4 through 9 to a height of about 2 ft.  Grown from bulbs, you need to plant them in fall for an enchanting spring pleasure.  Like the crocus, another spring joy, dutch iris may not bloom as long as you would wish, but while they are blooming, you will be thrilled.


  1. I love the picture of Iceberg with Dutch irises! My Dutch irises are already done:(, so I enjoyed getting another glimpse of them here.

  2. Your dutch irises are looking fabulous! I love the combination of them together with the 'Iceberg' rose. Blue and white are always making stunning color combos in my opinion.

  3. Holley - the color of your Dutch Irises is so pure, it almost drips with saturation! How awesome!!

    It also reminds me how much I miss my mini-Irises that were re-purposed to my friend when we did some home renovation. (Note to self: "Irises" go to the top of 2011 Wish list!)

  4. Those classic purple yellow and white irises are to me the epitome of perfection in flowers. Ikebana with iris. And once in a book I saw a picture of a teensy tiny bonsaied iris.

  5. Masha - yes, they are so pretty, I wish they lasted a little longer.

    Christina - Blue and white just play off each other, don't they? Sometimes hard to find a deep blue in the garden.

    Shyrlene - I don't know how long your wish list is - mine is miles! But I think irises are worth going to the top!

    Elephant's Eye - A bonsaied iris! How intriguing! That would be something to see - I can't imagine the work it took though.

  6. Your Irises are beeeeautiful! I am so envious :)

  7. Glorious shade of color. I don't think I recall ever seeing anything quite that deep of blue. Very pretty.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  8. Just lovely! Now I'm inspired to find a little spot somewhere to plant some myself!

  9. GardeningBlog - They are a nice color to have in the garden.

    Cher - It is an unusual shade to have in a flower - usually the 'blues' are much more purple. This really is a true blue.

    Gippslandgardener - I hope you do! It's a nice color to compliment other plantings.

  10. I love the Irises with the Iceberg rose! What a beautiful combo. Iceberg is one of my favorite roses. I don't have one at our new house yet, but now I know exactly what to plant around it... Dutch Irises!

  11. I love the blue in those Dutch Iris. So vibrant.

  12. Shannon - I hope you love the combination together! I did think it was striking, although the irises don't last as long as I wish!

    GWGT - They are truly blue, without any touch of purple.

  13. Really a perfect combination of colours!

  14. Beautiful 'dutch treat' post!

  15. Those blue irises are always beautiful wherever they are, even the ordinary blue iris is lovely for me, as we dont have them here. I find blue also unusual in flowers. What we have are mostly reds, oranges, yellows and combinations of them, wonder why blue doesnt like hot climes!

  16. I can't wait for my irises to bloom. I noticed yesterday that some of the leaves are showing that ripple which portends a bloom stalk.

    Yours are lovely!

  17. dona - I am enjoying them both.

    Kelli - Thank you.

    Andrea - Good question. Something I can't answer!

    Marcia - Love that 'expectant' bump!

  18. I can't wait for mine to flower. They are short lived but so worth it! Yours look lovely and I love the combinations.

    1. I love these, too. Thanks for the reminder - it's almost time to plant fall bulbs here!


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