Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back in the Gardening Groove

I've explained that when the summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees F, I take a little break.  Even though the break was longer than usual this summer, I still waited until temperatures started falling to get back to working outside.

The temperatures now are in the 90's (feels so cool!), and I am back in the gardening groove.

I am rewarded by the plants blooming cheerfully, happy now that the heat wave is over.  The colors in the garden are saturated, not washed out by the harsh sun.  The plants that have survived this summer are stronger, and growing little leaves that tell me they will be here again next spring.

Fall chores become a joy.  These chores allow me to look closely at each plant, expecting one final flush before tucking them in for the winter.

My mind is busy, thinking of plans for new areas.  I have grand ideas, and have to scale them down to meet my ability and budget.

My body is happy to be working outside again.  My hands ache from pulling weeds.  My arms and legs have scratches from the rose bushes (I'm certain they are trying to hug me in appreciation).  My face is slightly sunburned.  My muscles are tired.  I fall asleep fast, and sleep deeply.

Some may think aches don't sound joyful.  But to this gardener, they are wonderful and welcome.  It means I am creating the garden of my dreams.


  1. Your Salvia looks great. Mine are all in bloom too. Wish I had your weather now but not before. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. This kind of sore and tired is the wonderful kind!

  3. It is always a good tired when you have been working in the garden. Any drop in temperature would feel good to you this year. The year of extremes.LOL!

  4. Holley, I am happy for you that the temperatures have cooled down and you are able to get back out there and garden! Here in San Diego we have some very pleasant mild autumn days and it is wonderful to work in the garden. Later in my lunch break I might be able to sneak out to quickly pot up some rose babies into bigger containers. I am really looking forward to it!

  5. Cher - Yes, the weather before was unbearable! I'm looking forward to having a couple of months of good working weather!

    hundredsofideas - So true!

    Lona - It has been a year of extremes - all over! Floods, drought, heat, cold - I wonder if anyone had a 'normal' year!

    Christina - It feels so good to get back out in the garden again, doesn't it?

  6. Lucky you. Me? I'm on hold waiting for the gray days to disappear and the humidity to drop. Such a long list of gardening to dos, too.

  7. So interesting to read about such a totally different climate. Love your description of the aching limbs, aching but so happy!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love your garden and your blog! It is very eye opening to see how gardeners in warmer climates do things! Glad you were able to get back to it...like you I feel that it replenishes the soul!

  9. Holley, I'm glad the heat wave is finally behind you. Here's to wonderful days spent dabbling in your garden. (I should tell you, 90 degrees is considered a "scorcher" here... I can't imagine it being a "break from the heat" LOL). Enjoy the more comfortable weather and a magnificent autumn!

  10. Marcia - Sorry to hear you're having such gray days. The garden chore to-do list always seems to multiply, doesn't it?

    Foxglove Lane - Yes, my aching limbs are very happy. Gardening is really good exercise! I don't ever realize just how much, until I get back to it.

    My Garden Diaries - It is amazing to see just how different the climates are. I agree with you - gardening is good for the body and the soul.

    Cathy and Steve - haha 90 degrees is not ideal, but compared to the summer we had this year, it's a relief! I'm hoping the autumn lasts for a long time - I have a lot of chores to do!

  11. Glad to know that you are having more pleasant weather now. Actually I find it hard to imagine that your weather is hotter than ours.

  12. Oh, hooray! Glad you've been able to get back out to the garden again. We were 10 degrees cooler than you all summer, and everything here still looked beaten up by the end of August. I can imagine how happy the plants in TX are to get a reprieve from the endless heat! Enjoy all that wonderful work.

  13. Stacy - I can't believe that I didn't lose every plant to this heat, and yes - they are very much relieved to get out of those record temperatures! (Me, too!)


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