Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall To-Do

It's time!  It's time to do the fall to-do list!  The summer weather here is always too hot to work outside, but once it cools down, it's time to go outside and play!  The weather this week has been perfect, and I'm itching to go outside and get my hands dirty.

Ballerina - I think!

1) Weeding
This is an ongoing, every season chore!

2) Prune the roses
On most of the roses, I just prune out any dead or undesirable branches.  But I cut back the Knockouts and Flower Carpet roses quite a bit as they get too big by spring otherwise.  Same for James Galway as he is planted a bit too close to the walkway.  May have to start doing this to Julia Child, too.  Hmmm....  seems like a bad trend I've got going there.


3) Fertilize
Azaleas need fertilizing now.  And I fertilize the roses for the last time this year.

4) Cut back
I trim all the boxwood and hollies now.  Cut back the ivy and asian jasmine (another seemingly ongoing chore).  Cut back and deadhead any spent blooms.  This takes longer than you think!

Carefree Celebration

5) Rearrange
Remove any dead plants.  Transplant any plants that I want moved.  I have a lot of rearranging to do this year!

6) Plant
Fall is traditionally a good time to plant here.  Just make sure to water adequately if the fall rains don't materialize.


7) Project time
Time to try to finish any projects left undone in the spring, or start a small one.  I usually try to squeeze in both!  (not always successfully)

8) Dream
Dream of new projects for next year.  My favorite chore!  There's always some way I'm trying to improve my garden.  I think of new dreams to ponder and plan through the winter.


9) Stop and enjoy
After the searing heat of summer, the garden goes through another glorious burst of color.  Enjoy it.  Winter will be here soon.  Probably before everything on my list gets done!

The rose pictures were taken this morning.  Isn't it wonderful to be able to work around such beauty?


  1. Everything looks lovely that is blooming now. I have started some of my cutting back also. Will be completed over the next few weeks, waiting for the last things to bloom.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Over here, everyday is summer. So no plan, the garden does not rest and we can start/stop anytime.

  3. Lovely photos Holley! And a long list of chores ...

  4. Wow, those America roses are amazing! They are all so pretty. My big to-do is to get bales of straw for the veggie garden so I don't have a ton of weeds next spring!

  5. Cher - These chores will take me some time to complete, too. But I'm happy to be back in the garden!

    Autumn Belle - That must be wonderful to have one glorious season all year long, but it must also be hard to have no breaks!

    GardeningBlog - Yes, and I forgot the pond chores, too!

    Charlie B - Smart of you to get bales of straw for the veggie garden! I may add that one to my list!

  6. A perfect to do list now that the weather has cooled. I like number 8 best-to dream. I always have that perfect garden there:) Have a great weekend.

  7. Haha! See, the problem with number 8, is it makes number 9 difficult (not to mention my number 8s always make my to-do list longer). My last garden had a lovely English rose garden, but you're right, pruning roses takes longer than you think! I used to spend most of a day pruning those roses this time of year, my neighbors thought I was crazy!

  8. You have quite a number of chores planned, Holley. I am tired just reading what you are going to do. Dreaming is only going to lead to more doing though.

  9. My "to do list" is in a spiral notebook waiting for me to check something off. It's not happened yet. Like you I've been waiting for better weather but in my case it's drier, cooler, less humid type of weather. Now the wet ground should make for easier weeding, that's a blessing so maybe I'll get started on my list this week. I'll let you know soon when the day lily is coming your way. That's on the list too!

  10. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    The cooler weather and the approach of winter does seem to point to every gardener in the direction of a making a "to do" list. I have been drawing up my own list and feeling a bit overwhelmed by its length. You are right to include "time to dream" and "time to stop and enjoy" on your list. The garden is fleeting and it is important to try to stop and really appreciate it before it goes into its winter slumber.

  11. Tina - My garden is always perfect in my dreams, too. And complete!!! haha With no weeds or chores to be done!!!

    Curbstone Valley - Yes, # 8 can make things difficult. I have a bad tendency to start one project, not complete it, start another, and have to go back and forth. I also am always dreaming of a way to do my projects cheaper and less labor intensive!

    GWGT - You probably do garden chores throughout the summer, while I was stuck inside away from the heat. Dreaming always does lead to more doing. But my husband (and my budget) keep me in check!

    Macia - I'm not usually good at writing things down. I would lose the spiral notebook! lol All the chores can seem overwhelming. I usually start with just one area, then move to the next, etc. That way I can look back and see some progress. Thanks for the daylily. I know just where to put it!

    Jennifer - A gardener's work is never done! I hope you get a lot of time to dream and enjoy your garden, too, before winter hits.

  12. Dear Holley, Another very useful posting! Your fall chores are a little different from mine as I am further north. If only it would stop raining, I could start mine. P. x

  13. Pam - I wish it would stop raining for you, and start for me! But, yes, it's hard to do any chores if the weather is not cooperative.

  14. Great plan, I hope you pull it off. I cut back and fertilize too, although I haven't been too good about it so far... Beautiful rose pictures, I enjoyed looking through them so much.

  15. Masha - I hope I do too! haha I usually have a list, but don't always get completely around the garden. I guess I need to work faster!


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