Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look, Ma! I'm Blooming!

Do you remember the rose I transplanted that died?  And then later I found it growing back from its roots? 

Well, it has grown at an amazing rate - and now it's blooming!

It's a Souvenir de St. Anne rose.  I love this rose. 

There's just something about the blooms that I find enchanting.

I'm just so proud of my little baby!


  1. Very pretty. It's so amazing what they will do sometimes. Kind of like my one burnt up Clematis showing green growth now. I just hope my other will come back next year from the root. Glad your Rose worked out for you.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I love coming here to visit your gardens, I only wish I could tour in person. I have no talent with roses, even the Knockouts quake with fear when they see me approaching them in garden centers. Since it's just plain cruelty on my part to bring a rose home with me, I will instead enjoy them from afar and appreciate their beauty in your garden.

    I really enjoyed your previous posts about Chef Ramsey and whether or not gardening is a passion worth pursuing, too. Some days are better than others; it is easy to get discouraged, and I have often asked myself 'why' do I keep doing this? I guess the answer lies in the happiness I've seen in the faces of visitors now and again, especially the elderly or those with disabilities. I gave one octogenarian a tour with her own car (we drove all over the yard) and she was delighted.

    The joy you bring to others with your garden and your posts with all the gorgeous flowers is much more widespread than you know. You brought a ray of sunshine to me on a cloudy day!

  3. What a lovely rose that just wouldn't die! Happenings like that are wonderful.


  4. Plants that won't die are the best! (Well, at least if they aren't weeds...)

    -Also, your baby's a real beauty!

  5. Cher - It is amazing to me that plants can spring back from just a part of the root that didn't totally die. So glad you clematis came back - and I hope your other one will, too.

    Karen - You grow so many plants, I can't believe you can't grow roses. Or, maybe you just live where the climate is right for blackspot. Here, it gets too hot for it in the summer, so I'm just lucky. (If you call 100 degree temperature lucky!) My motivation goes up and down, which is natural. It's at its lowest when I can't go outside and work. Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I really appreciate them.

    Flower Lady - It really is. This is a bed I don't visit every day, so I was surprised to see how much it had grown from just a little sprig! Plants are amazing things.

    flaneurgardening - Yes, I have some weeds around that won't die - and they are the worst! :) I am quite proud that this little rose decided not to completely die. The drought killed a lot of plants this year. It's nice that this one decided to triumph over it!

  6. I love tough plants! What a lovely surprise!

  7. Roses are tough cookies. I've transplanted immense climbers, with almost no roots accompanying them, give 'em a couple years and THEY'RE BACK. You have to see it to believe it and then, whoopee!

  8. That rose is a beauty! Roses can be real 'survival' plants. One of the things on my 'to do' list is to take some rose cuttings from a hot pink shrub rose bush I have and make new plants (saw a programme on TV how to do this). Kelli

  9. Awesome! It's so exciting to find out that a plant isn't dead after all after we think we've killed it. Those blooms are so pretty too - very sweet looking!

  10. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    The Souvenir de St. Anne is a lovely rose. I moved a rose a bit too late in the spring and it curled up its leaves in protest. Then it got even sicker as the sun started to beat down on it. I thought that it was a goner for sure! Then in late summer after we got some rain and it rebounded. Roses can be a bit fussy, but sometimes they surprise you.
    P.S. I also really like the James Galway in the last post!

  11. Tatyana - I was a wonderful surprise when I realized this plant was still living, though barely. And another wonderful surprise when I noticed how fast it had grown. And lastly, another wonderful surprise to see it blooming! It has been a source of joy all summer.

    linniew - Roses really are tough. That gives me hope on moving some of my bigger roses around!

    Kelli - Good luck on your cuttings! If they grow as fast as this rose, did you will have a bush in no time!

    Indie - Now I'm hoping some of my other 'dead' plants will come back!

    Jennifer - Isn't it amazing what a little rain can do! I've moved another rose recently, and it has that curled up leaf look. I'm hoping with consistent waterings it will start to recuperate.

  12. Malar - Tough plants are the best!


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