Monday, November 14, 2011

All of the Above

Are you interested in growing roses but can't decide on just one?

Perhaps you want a yellow rose?

Or a pretty pink?

How about one that's rose colored?

Do you want one that will take your breath away when it's perfect?

Or one that's beautifully less than perfect?

If you said yes to all of the above, I have just the rose for you!

Mrs. Dudley Cross.  She starts out yellow, and slowly blushes pink until it covers her whole face.

Her ruby red canes add another layer of mystery and charm.

She's one of my favorites, perhaps because she is so very interesting.

If you're interested in Mrs. Dudley Cross, she is an Old Garden Tea rose from 1907, almost thornless, growing up to 6 ft. tall and wide.  She has a nice rounded bush shape.  She is a southern lady, growing well in zones 7 through 9, possibly 10.  Disease resistant.  Blooms repeatedly.  Tea scent.

A charming, mysterious lady.


  1. What a wonderful rose and to give you so many colors in one bloom. Beautiful!

  2. Holley, the changeability in color of Mrs. Dudley Cross is enormous. So fascinating! I am thinking of getting her for quite a while now, but with my pot ghetto being bigger than ever she still has to wait. She is on my rose-wish-list for the future, though.

  3. Wow she sounds like the perfect rose. The fact that she is a re-bloomer makes her more desirable.

  4. I'll take one of each please. Beautiful!

  5. And on top of all that she has the Earthkind designation. She has had to stand up to the rigors of Mother Nature and no help to acquire that designation. I'm so happy that you featured her, more folks should know about just how wonderful she really is!

  6. So wish I could grow roses like that. Here it is like a second job to keep them healthy. The teas are so pretty but so temperamental here.

  7. Lona - I do like the roses that change colors. Gives them a bit more interest, I think.

    Christina - I love her when she's yellow touched with pink all over, not just the edges. She doesn't stay that way very long! It is fun to watch how a yellow rose can turn pink over several days.

    Becca - I grow very few once bloomers - in fact, just one! They do better up north, where they will bloom for weeks on end. The repeat bloomers do well here in the south, where they can take a break when the heat gets unbearable!

    Grace - It's hard to believe they're all the same rose, isn't it?

    Cydney - Thanks so much for adding that! I meant to add it, but somehow I forgot, so I appreciate you bringing up the Earthkind designation. Here in Texas, it really does mean a lot!

    GWGT - They are nice roses, but are quite limited where they are happy. Thankfully, they seem to love the Texas heat!

  8. I want all of them! But I don't have enough sun, so I will have to enjoy them through cyberspace--on your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Holley they are all gorgeous but I love the Mrs.

  10. Oh, if she only could learn to love cold climates, Mrs. Dudley Cross could come here to grow in my garden, too! What an amazing rose.

  11. Mrs. Dudley Cross would be very welcome in my garden! I love romantic old roses, and she's a beauty!

  12. PlantPostings - That's one thing I seem to have lots of hot, hot, sun! :)

    Cher - She really is a sweet rose.

    Donna - She is special. An unexpected twist when she starts changing colors. And the red canes are also a fun surprise.

    Karen - I wish the teas liked the cold a bit more, too, they are such good roses. You'll have to find a rose that loves the cold - one I won't be able to grow!

    debsgarden - She is sweet - love, too, that her canes are nearly thornless. That's meaning more and more to me the more I get stuck and scratched!

  13. Definately, I want "All of the Above"

  14. Gardening Blog - Isn't it great to get it, too!


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