Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The weather is still nice here, so I'm still venturing outside to talk to my roses.  Except when I went out to see them today, they seemed to be talking back!  Looking closer, I saw where all the noise was coming from - not from the roses, but from honey bees!   (You didn't really think my roses talked, did you?)

The bees were having a feast!  For an appetizer, they chose this cheerful, but unknown rose:

The soup course came from James Galway:

(I think the fly is an uninvited guest!)

Souvenir de St. Anne offered up the salad course.

The main course was supplied by Julia Child:

But, the most popular dish of all was the sweet blanketflower dessert!

You can see the pollen on this bee's back leg if you look closely:

As for the humans, we are still eating (a little) out of the garden, too!

Eggplants will make a great side dish.

We have lettuce up and ready, but the tomatoes are small, and mostly green.  Winds blew most of them off the vine.  I'll wait until they turn red and in a few days, we'll enjoy a fresh salad.

If you stop and think about it, it's amazing the number of creatures one garden can feed!


  1. Beautiful roses! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Can't believe how many bees you have down there still active. Our bees were sparse this year. The Roses as always are lovely.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Oh, good--I'm glad your tomatoes produced, even if the wind had something to say about it! I hope you enjoy your feast as much as the bees are obviously enjoying theirs. So sensible of you to get Julia Child to do some of the cooking for them. (If only she were around to help in the kitchen tomorrow...) Happy Thanksgiving, Holley!

  4. Looking at those photos has given me a warm, spring like sensation (forgetting that the real thing is still months away!). Fab blooms :)

  5. Wonderful - it's always good to see the honeybees! Glad they found your garden feast : )

  6. The roses sure love your gardens. Wonderful photos.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving ~ FlowerLady

  7. redneckrosarian - They are such joy to me, still blooming! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Cher - It's amazing how many bees there are here to me, too. See how many are on that blanketflower? They are fighting over it! Everywhere I turned, there was a bee soaking up some good stuff!

    Stacy - I watch Julia's old shows, and have several of her cookbooks, but it hasn't really helped me. The bees, however, seem to love her cooking!

    Mark and Gaz - It is still very warm here - 70's most days - and it has been nice to see the roses still blooming. I'll miss them when they weather changes and they're gone.

    charlie b - I wonder where their hive is. It must be close, there are so many of them!

  8. Flower Lady - I've always heard that bees were not especially fond of the many-petaled type roses, as it's hard for them to get to the pollen. But these bees didn't seem to mind rooting around to get to the pollen. I think that saying must be wrong! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. So many honeybees. Your roses are beautiful as always. I love looking at them. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. How wonderful to see the Feast in your garden...and look at native Blanket Flower being the popular glad you had a nice harvest to use for Thanksgiving..wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  11. very interesting and beautiful!!!
    greetings from Portugal!

  12. That's a lot of honey bees! DO they have a hive somewhere in your garden?
    That's very good harvest! Hope bees and you enjoy the feast! Happy thanksgiving!

  13. Hasn't the weather been wonderful these last few days?
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    David :-)

  14. What a lovely dinner. Those are some happy bees.

  15. Lona - I've been surprised how many honey bees there are in the roses! Their hive must be close!

    Donna - They were fighting over the blanket flower! Literally, pushing each other off! It was fun, and a bit scary, to see them.

    APO - I love seeing the honey bees! We have carpenter bees, too, and they're a bit concerning!

    Malar - I don't know where their hive is, probably somewhere in the woods close by. It would be nice to know!

    David - Oh, I'm really enjoying these warm, but not too hot, days! I dread the cold!

    Tufa Girl - They seemed very happy. I couldn't believe how they were crawling in between the petals of the roses! I guess I didn't post any pictures, of that, but it was like they were napping with petals as their blankets. So cute!

  16. You're so right!
    Seeing your white eggplants helps me to understand where these veges got their name - I've only ever seen the purple-black ones which don't look anything like eggs, but yours really do.

    We're enjoying harvesting tomatoes, basil and lots of lettuce from our humble vege patch at the moment and actually had a lovely angel hair pasta dish featuring lots of freshness from our patch today.

    Happy day!

  17. Felicity - Mmmm, that sounds wonderful! Thanks for the lunch idea! I like the white eggplants more than the purple ones. Maybe it's just my imagination, but they seem to have a more delicate flavor. Of course, they are much smaller than the purples ones.


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