Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brand New Blooms!

Surprise!  My garden has some brand new blooms in it!

If you look closely, you'll notice there's three blooms!

The first camellia blooms of the season!  This one is 'Hana Jiman'.  I just love camellias!  Just when you get ready psychologically for the garden to go dormant, they start blooming.  As if to say "Here we are!  Don't forget us!  We want to make you happy!"  Those sweetie pies!  They do make me happy.

My Ice Plant has its very first bloom on it, too.  I planted it this past spring.  Who knew it would flower now?  I didn't!  Just when I least expected it!  I'm not certain this is the right timing for this plant to bloom, but I'm thankful for the smile it brought to my face anyway.

My Cotoneaster has berries!  Wahoo!  It had lots of little flowers on it this spring, and now it has sweet little red berries.  I love this plant.  I love all plants with berries.  They're like winter blooms, only harder, and smaller, and - well, ok, I guess they're not really like blooms, but they are colorful!

And the hollies have the most beautiful red berries on them, too.  It's beginning to look like Christmas!

I thought the guara was through blooming this year.  Instead, it decided to cheer up this part of the garden by putting out a new bloom.  That was a fun surprise!

And what have we here?  An iris bloom!  I guess this one just couldn't wait for spring.  It's like a child that blurts out what's in the present before you open it.  Sweet thing, thanks for letting me know what's coming this spring.

Of course, the roses are still blooming.  (You know I can't leave out the roses!)  Gruss An Aachen is loaded with buds.  See, I'm not the only one - even the plants aren't ready for winter!  (Except the hollies!)


  1. I love all of those Holly berries.You are so lucky to be able to have Camellia blooms. It is good to have some new surprises in the garden this late in the season. I am such a fan of the Gruss an Aachen roses. Yours is still loaded with buds and blooms. Fantastic!

  2. I do loving seeing others blooms since it will be a long time before I see any of my own again. Since the deer did a drastic trimming of my little holly bushes this past spring, I didn't get any berries this year but the Cranberry Eastcoton have made up for it.

  3. How neat to have your own holly, it definitely looks like Christmas. I love Gruss An Aachen. I had it once upon a time.

    Enjoy all of your lovely blooms.


  4. Those end of season surprises are always such a treat! I love your description of the iris, especially since I was one of those children myself. Is the iceplant 'Mesa Verde' by any chance?

  5. All your blooms look so damn healthy!! That Iris is a beauty, what a special surprise for you. I think you must have magic green fingers:~)

  6. Yes, I can see them. They are truly beautiful Holly!

  7. Good heavens it looks like spring, especially the iris! I have a confused rhododendron opening a few little blooms too. (It will be embarrassing for them when the cold hits.) That single camellia is wonderful.

  8. Lona - This time of the year, like spring, we appreciate each and every bloom, don't we? In summer we tend to take them all for granted!

    wilderness - The cotoneaster is fairly new to me, so I was thrilled when it displayed little flowers this spring, and these darling little berries now. I love the way it looks with the roses.

    FlowerLady - I have several holly around the garden, but sometimes the berries are not very noticeable. This year they seem to stand out. I do usually hedge these plants, so I've wondered if I've been cutting off the berries in years past.

    Stacy - An excited child is so adorable. I have no idea on the ice plant, as I can't find the tag. I need a new system! Something to do this winter.

    Foxglove Lane - Not sure my fingers are so green, but they are usually dirty!

    Dewi - So nice to have blooms now. I know winter will reach us eventually.

    Linniew - Isn't that funny about the iris blooming now? None of the rest bloomed - that one was just impatient! I think a lot of flowers get confused when it gets cool, then warms up a little.

  9. I'm glad to see berries being counted as blooms. Even though they aren't technically they provide just as much joy and colour in the garden.

  10. Right now in the farm fields all the hollies are in berry. What a sight. Your blooms are really pretty today. I so love white roses.

  11. Nice blooms! I only have a few very hardy plants blooming now. But the Cotoneasters here are similar to yours. I love them, too! I can't believe you have an Iris in bloom!

  12. Beautiful group of late Fall flowers, Holley... Ours are winding down now ---so we won't have much (except our Pansies) until Spring... Our temps tomorrow night are supposed to go down into the 20's.... Bye bye Roses!!!

  13. Camellias carry the garden through winter. I'm always fascinated that the tight buds can stand a hard freeze that turns the open flowers. C. sasanquas are opening fast now that they've started.
    We only have wild hollies along woods' edge. I always mean to buy a Nellie Stevens and let the time go by.

  14. Oh, to see an iris in bloom about fact to see anything under all this bloomin' snow that is flowering would be an amazing sight! You have so many beauties there and I'm so glad you shared them with me. I need a flower fix in a bad way. We ended up with over three inches of snow which will probably melt in the coming days. The snow plow went through tonight, though, and we both just sighed. Here we go again, winter is here.

  15. Holley what a beautiful surprise you have seeing all those blooms....I have a lonely clematis braving the weather still blooming a bit...

  16. Great blooms! Our Guara are blooming as well. I love it when the berries start to turn red- always feels like the holidays are here!!!

  17. Marguerite - The berries are so colorful, I've always thought of them as winter's blooms. Many times I'll buy a plant for their berries.

    GWGT - I've always loved seeing holly berries. Such a classic Christmas sight. If only the bushes weren't so prickly! I bet they are gorgeous there. I think they are prettiest when contrasted with snow.

    PlantPostings - That iris! I was so surprised to see it! I don't know what made that one bloom, but it was fun to see it popping its pretty head up!

    Betsy - Brrrr. 20's sound very cold. That's about as cold as it ever gets here. And hopefully, that won't be until January!

    NellJean - I just love camellias, but mine are quite young yet. I am really looking forward to when they are tall and a giant tree of winter blooms!

    Karen - We rarely get snow. I was quite surprised to see yours. Spring must be especially special to you after enduring such a hard winter.

    Donna - Don't you just love the flowers that are in denial about winter's arrive and bloom anyway?

    kacky - I was really surprised to see the guara blooming. Most of its blooms had stopped a month or so ago. I guess it figured it could bloom one more time!

  18. What a wonderful treat to have an Iris blooming now!! Great series of blooms :)

  19. Rebecca - It was certainly unexpected! I had to take a double-take to figure out what it was!


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