Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Bite

I was watering my vegetable patch (yes, we are already watering things around here), when I decided to do something bold.  And I'm glad I did!

For those of you that are interested, according to Dallas' Channel 8 WFAA chief meteorologist, Pete Delkus, we have officially received .1 inches of rain in the month of March.  The lowest rainfall on record for March was in 1925, when we received .2 inches of rain during that month.  So, if we don't get some rain soon, we may be back to the start of another dust bowl!

Anyway, back to my story.  I was watering my vegetable patch and I noticed how pretty the red radishes were just barely peeking up out of the ground.  The contrast of the green leaves with that bright red of the radish was beautiful to me.  Not only the color contrast, but the fact that the radish seeds were actually growing to be radishes!  Last year my radishes did poorly.  This year - they look great!

So, I boldly reached down, and harvested one.  Removing the roots and the top, I made a quick decision.  I popped it into my mouth - dirt and all.  Now, there wasn't much dirt, really.  And I, like most home gardeners these days (I think), garden organically.  I figured farmers have been testing their vegetables without washing them first for years.

The radish tasted splendidly.  (No dirt taste, really!)  Sweet, with just a little bit of bite at the end, but not too hot.  It was a 'Sparkler' variety.  Yum.

Have you tasted the first bite out of your garden yet this year?


  1. Oh, I love radishes! Mine haven't even sprouted yet. I'm still a long way from harvesting. I think my ducks may have been picking at the lettuce sprouts, though.... at least someone is enjoying them!

  2. Snow on the ground yet here, but would have no problem visiting to get a bite of fresh radishes.

  3. I've eaten leaves and fruits unwashed but radishes with soil, err... no. not yet. :)

  4. At the moment I have leeks, young herbs / salads. The young rocket and coriander leaves taste super. I'm glad you posted your radishes (which look fab & healthy) as I was trying to identiy some plants in my garden and I think, from your post, yes they must be radishes coming up. Maybe you could glance at my blog and see if you think they are radishes. Many thanks, Kelli.

  5. I'm not a huge fam of radishes (dirt or no), but you've almost got me convinced with your beaut photos and delight in your subject :)

  6. We are still snow covered and so i am only dreaming about plucking something out of the garden and eating it. I copied down the name of the euphorbias-I have a variegated one that I love and want to add more varieties.

  7. I can't say I would eat it without a good wash off! I haven't planted radishes in a long time. With only two of us to eat from the garden it makes sense to plant things that both of us like.

    It was a very cute radish by the way. You should link to Daphne's Dandelions on her Harvest Monday tomorrow.

    You are very dry there. Are there watering restrictions on?

  8. Shannon - I bet the ducks love your lettuce. You may not get any the whole summer!

    GWGT - Come on!

    One - haha I figured that would gross some people out.

    Kelli - I am by no means an expert, so I can't promise any answers, but I will certainly take a look.

    gippslandgardener - I'm not a huge fan of radishes, so I only planted a few, but they are much more delicious when you grow your own!

    3dogs - Still snow covered! So hard for me to imagine. I hope you can find a 'blackbird' euphorbia - it is a nice dark contrast.

    Marcia - Thanks for the link. I haven't heard of any watering restrictions - yet. But when everyone starts watering their lawns, they will probably start implementing them.

  9. I did pop my first cherry tomato in my mouth right from the plant...tasted so sweet and juicy! Ive done that so many times since every time I passed by!

  10. There is nothing more beautiful than a well grown radish. How could you resist? I am growing six kinds of lettuce which I may start harvesting today.

  11. There is nothing better than eating something you have grown yourself. Your radishes look so perfect and ready for harvesting. Enjoy!

  12. p3chandan - Tomato plants in particular taste so much better home grown. It's a sweet part of the enjoyment of growing your own vegetables to taste them right off the vine (or from the dirt!).

    Carolyn - Yum. I love fresh home grown lettuce. Mine is small, not big enough for harvesting yet. I'm anxiously awaiting the day!

    Masha - Thanks. Sometimes I wonder if it really tastes better, or if it's just our imaginations from the hard work and anticipation.

  13. The best veggies are the one's you grow yourself. These look wonderful. Just want to reach out and pluck them..... mmm mmm Good!

  14. I think I am growing that variety too or did..can't remember..sad...but it is delicious..isn't it grand to eat veggies fresh picked right there in the garden...bliss

  15. Redneck Rosarian - I agree, the best are the ones you grow. They are just about ready for the dinner table!

    Donna - I had not tried that variety before, but really liked the taste. Can't wait until more of my veggies mature enough to harvest!


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