Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Fish!

Happy Fish!

Today I am cleaning out the pond.  It's a concrete pond, and this job has to be done.  In fact, after experimenting with different types of ponds, I chose concrete just so I could easily clean it up.  Yes, the filter gets a ton of stuff, but not everything, and I turn the pump off during the winter.  So, I usually clean it out in spring (to clean out after winter) and again in fall (in preparation for winter).  You know what's in there - leaves, fish 'stuff', old decaying food, etc.  It has to be taken out, and I have just the tool for doing it.

After doing some research, I decided upon this pond vacuum:

Pond Vacuum

It's an Oase Pondovac 3 or something like that (they now have a 4).  Anyway, I'd recommend it.  No, I'm not getting paid to say that.  Nor do I know the Oase people.  I just like their vacuum.  And though this may sound like a commercial or a review, I thought it might be beneficial to anyone wondering about pond vacuums.

Since we didn't want to spend much money there was some joking about just using a shop vac.  Because this vacuum was not inexpensive.  At least, it was much more than I wanted to pay for a fish vacuum!  But, it was necessary.  Such is life.

Input - sucking up the gunk

So, let me tell you what's special about a pond vac.  First, the input.  It sucks up lots of things - like leaves, fish 'stuff', etc.  But - and this is the biggie - instead of keeping the stuff inside the vacuum like a shop vac, it spits it out the back.  So, you get all that water and leaves and 'stuff' running out a hose in the back.  The only thing I don't like about this is that I have not found a way to keep that fishy water.  It would be fantastic for my roses!

Adding water so the water level doesn't fall

Since it sucks up water, you have to add water to the pond to keep it full.  So, I only vacuum about 1/3 of the pond at a time.  No big deal.  And I've never sucked up a fish, though supposedly they would just get spit out the back, unharmed.  I'll just take their word for it and try not to suck up my fish.

Pond bottom dirty:


Pond bottom clean:


A clean pond makes me very happy.  And I know people sometimes think fish are unexpressive. :l  That they look like this all the time:  :o  But, when you get to know them, you realize they really are expressive - in their own way.  And my fish are very grateful.  :)  Really!  Yes, really!!!

Look at that top picture - can't you see them smiling?


  1. I love my fish pond. Of course I can see your guys smiling!

  2. A well done job and happy fish. Aren't fish supposed to bring luck, wealth and relaxation?

  3. I have always have a soft spot for fish and ponds so it was lovely to see this post. I'm sure the fishes are happy to have their homes cleaned, ready for the new season :)

  4. Ahh, I need to do mine too! Your pond looks lovely xxx

  5. I would guess your pond does not freeze over like mine in the winter. I've never vacuumed mine because its silt on the bottom and bedrock under that. I think the fish and frogs bury into the silt in the winter to survive. Don't know for sure but the frogs are now back and cavorting which will mean frog eggs very soon all over. I think the fish eat some of that. I don't feed them anymore - they just manage to eat what they find which probably explains no mosquitoes.

  6. Lifeshighway - I love fish ponds in the garden! They bring such movement. And the fish really do have their own personality!

    Kelli - I hope so!

    Mark and Gaz - I would be much happier in a clean pond, too! They really do swim a bit perkier!

    GardeningBlog - I have heard of people getting into their ponds to clean them, but I would not like that. I'm happy to vacuum it out - it's really an easy chore. Thanks for commenting.

    Marcia - I would guess your pond is a bit bigger than mine. A silt bottom is the most natural, and the pond forms its own little ecosystem. Isn't nature wonderful?

  7. Oh, I feel so guilty that I've never cleaned our little pond/bucket. I guess I'll go with Marcia - silt/leaves good! Your pond looks lovely!

  8. The pump as you showed really did what its supposed to do, very practical to have one during cleaning a pond. I need to buy one but Im not so sure we have it here though. Anyway your fish sure looked happy after spring cleaning of their home sweet home!

  9. Cynthia - every pond is different. You will know if/when yours needs to be cleaned! Thanks for commenting.

    p3chandan - I am very pleased with the vacuum. It really makes cleaning the pond easy. I hope you find something that works well for you.

  10. The cleaning of the pond is a ritual we would hate to miss...getting in there, mucking about and chasing down the fish to put them in a big bucket to wait for the cleaning staff to finish their work. The vacuum sounds great, but we are cheapskates. You have an entertaining writing style. I am glad to have found you through Blotanical.

  11. Oh, Fredricka! - I would absolutely hate getting in that cold water and cleaning out the muck! You seem to have fun doing it, though! Thanks so much for your sweet comments.

  12. Love your fish pond - I want one - but not sure when I'll get one put in. :) Yours is beautiful and the lotus - just awesome! We have a great Creator! :)

  13. Abi's Blog - Thanks. It was hard work putting it in, but I love it. The lotus is exotic, big, and stunning. I'm glad mine winters over well here, I would hate to miss it.


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