Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slaying the Dragon

Ah, the weekend!  "I think I'll go to the garden center.  What about you?", I innocently asked.  The answer was surprising:  "Today I'm going to slay the dragon."

My knight!  He does everything in his power to please me.  And now he's going to take on the formidable task of slaying the dragon.  That term has been tossed about the last few weeks.  I have come to know its meaning.  Slaying the dragon equals moving the gazebo.

The gazebo had been placed in the main rose bed.  It was pretty, but not very functional.  It fit the space, but still left something to be desired.  It would be better in another spot.  The decision was made.  It needed to go somewhere else.  But it was not going to be an easy task, and it had been put off for some time due to its size and weight.

Putting it together had not been easy.  It had been almost too much for the two of us.  That's why the thought of moving it to another location held the same fear, dread, and possible loss of limb or life as in stories of old when conquerers rode into battle, princes rescued princesses, and men ventured into the unknown to face mysterious monsters.

Instead of swords, ladders were involved.  So were ropes.  Part of this was planned.  The rest was improvised.

It helps if your knight has a tractor (shining armour optional).

There were three spaces considered for its home.   The final decision on its new placement was made solely due to the fact that this was the easiest of the three locations to put the gazebo back together!

You will not be able to see the gazebo until you round a corner.  And I like the fact that it has one of the longest views of the property.  Wouldn't an allee look great here?  Well, that's another dream for another year.

This year there will be a lot of work done to incorporate the gazebo into the garden.  I can already imagine it with a walk approaching, a place for seating, and romantic plantings climbing up and draping over the top.

Surprisingly, it only took a few hours to slay the dragon.  Then my knight was rewarded - with a hamburger and cola.  And I got to go to the garden center after all!


  1. Wow, that gazebo is beautiful. You are pretty brave to move it together with your husband and I am glad that all went well. The new location looks like the perfect one for it. Can't wait to see how you are designing the gardens around the gazebo!

  2. That is a beautiful gazebo. I hope you like it in its new location. I didn't realize how huge your property is, lucky you, you can fit a lot of roses in there...

  3. Christina - I hope we like the new location, too. My husband is already worried I'll want to move it again!

    Masha - If only we had the time, money, and effort required to fill it full of roses! Oh, and water too! :) In my dreams it's full of roses!

  4. This is so beautiful - excited to see the gazebo in use (maybe there is something that you can grow that won't require a lot of water?)......what a beautiful location you set it in! xoxo

  5. The gazebo is so pretty. I can not wait to see it adorned with vining flowers. Climbing roses and Clematis?

  6. Beautiful gazebo and what a nice husband. You will have to post after photos when you have incorporated it in to the garden.

  7. Lovely! So glad that the dragon has been slain for you. :)

  8. What a sweetheart of a husband you have. The gazebo is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it nestled into your garden.

  9. Oh wow, what a stunning gazebo! It will be so gorgeous nestled in amongst climbing roses.

  10. I was picturing something made of wood and wondering how you would move it. Metal! Wow! What a lacy effect. Matches your garden decor very nicely. Look forward to seeing it in more photos here.

  11. Tracie - Thank you. I'm not sure what I'll plant there. It's exciting to design a new bed!

    GWGT - I can guarantee there will some climbing rose involved!

    Carolyn - Yes, he really is a true knight.

    Hanni - You just don't know how much we dreaded this chore. Many more hours were spent figuring out how to get it down than actually doing it!

    Cat - I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished. Not so much the hours of work involved getting it that way.

    Mrs. Bok - I agree. Climbing roses are definitely called for.

    Marcia - Something made of wood probably would have required us to build it, and we tried that before and failed. We now try to stick to metal!

  12. We all flutter our scarves at your knight in applause. (I'm sure the hamburger and cola were much better rewards!) What a huge task. Enjoy planning the garden to go with it!

  13. Stacy - having been to a few renaissance festivals and jousts, I can just imagine those scarves fluttering! Cute! As for the plantings, I'm already making lists (which I'm not good at doing, or at keeping to).


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