Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enthusiasm Found!

The weather has not been what was forecasted.  The forecast was for bright, sunny, beautiful, warm days.  Instead, the last few days have been misty, cloudy, very windy, and just generally yucky, to be technical.

So, my attention has turned once again to an inside project I've been working on for months.  Making curtains.  Which should have only taken a couple of days.  But I've drug it out because I have no enthusiasm for it.  I want to be outside.

However, today was "The Day".  The day Mr. Holleygarden said he would help me hang them - if I finished sewing those dratted curtains.  So, I did.  And he did.  And I had an epiphany.

Stay with me.

My back room is a hodge-podge of colors - red, yellow, green, brown, a touch of pink.  So, I decided my curtains needed to have all those colors in them.  And I didn't realize until they were hung that they were perfect.  Perfect!

Perfect because of all those colors.  You see, those windows look out to the back walking garden.  The back walking garden that has the colors red, yellow, green, and a bit of pink.  Essentially, unconsciously, I brought the outside in.  And when the flowers bloom, the entire room is going to come to life.  As if I wasn't before, now I'm really anxious for spring to come and the flowers to bloom!

Colors in my back walking garden:

Colors in my curtain material:

Isn't it funny the many ways our gardens influence us, even when we don't realize it?  And now that the curtains are finally finished, I can devote all my time to the garden!  Well, weather permitting.


  1. Your view out your window is gorgeous and I love the curtain fabric! I understand why you are so excited!

  2. Karin - thanks. I don't know why I didn't think of the garden colors before I hung the curtains. It took hanging them to hit me that the colors were the same!

  3. Very true that our gardens influence our lives in many other ways. Our goal was to see roses from any window in our house. Hopefully, this summer that dream will be realized.... Great post!

  4. Congrats on finishing your curtain project. I have one myself that has dragged on for 8 months, simply because I don't get around to starting it and spending the one hour it would probably take to finish it...

    As for "framing" the view to the garden: So important, isn't it, that we can enjoy our gardens even when we're inside.

  5. That was a fun post, HolleyGarden! Your back garden is so beautiful, and I am glad your project is finally done. Your view will be so gorgeous this spring.

  6. You are right about unconsciously we like to bring the myriad of colours outside in. Your fabric looks a bit like our 'batik' fabric, exotic looking!

  7. Dear HG, Your curtain material looks most attractive and I am most impressed that you can make your own. I am sure that they will look absolutely wonderful and, as you say, will reflect the colours of the garden beyond!

  8. Redneck Rosarian - I hope you do reach that goal. I think it is so important, for gardeners most of all, to be able to their gardens from the inside. Except you will want to go out there even more!

    Soren - Isn't it funny that we can drag projects out so long that we are not wanting to do?

    Masha - Thanks. I am glad it's done, too. I'm really excited about how it will all look together.

    p3chandan - Yes, the fabric is a little more exotic than I normally pick, but my tastes must be changing a bit. I need more flowers in my life!

    Edith - Curtains are really one of the easiest sewing projects to do. I rarely sew anything now, just the curtain now and then when the old ones get so ragged I can not put it off any longer. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Pretty choice and what a beautiful view you are going to have from that room!
    When I was really little we lived in Athens, TX....i noticed you are from East Texas. :) Nice to know another Texas blogger.

  10. Amy - Thank you. I'm so glad you stopped by!

  11. You picked up on the important design concept of inside to outside connection. I like your choices too.

  12. A perfect match! And the view out the window is exquisite. Enjoy the blooms--inside and out! Beth

  13. gardenwalkgardentalk - thank you! It was purely by accident!

    Beth- thanks! I really am excited to see how it will all look when things start blooming.

  14. Beautiful fabric for your curtains, and what a wonderful view out the back windows.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  15. FlowerLady - Thanks so much for commenting.


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