Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Already Behind!

I think part of what makes gardeners so anxious in late winter is the knowledge of what they will need to get accomplished in spring, and the looming doubt that all will be completed in a timely manner.  I have been reluctant to make an actual list of what needs to get done this spring - it would be too overwhelming.  Besides, a portion of it depends upon Mr. Holleygarden's help, and I am not in charge of his schedule.

In addition to regular maintenance of the garden - spreading compost, pruning (trees, roses), weeding, mulching, trimming hedges, determining what needs to be replaced or moved, planting new bulbs and plants purchased, and attending to the vegetable garden - whew! - there are several projects which I want to accomplish this year.  Regular maintenance, however, will take hours upon hours to complete.  That is generally why I don't get around to new projects until July.  And July in Texas is unbearably hot.

See?  If I want to do all that I would like to do in the garden this year, I need to have already started!  The problem is - winter is still here.  Frozen ground is not conducive to gardening.  Neither is soil mucky with melting snow and ice.  And I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather.

So, I sit by the fire and make more plans.  More plans that will take even more time.  Even more hours in the garden.  And I am already behind.

I know many gardeners finally stop adding new areas when they are unable to maintain the gardens they already have.  I am not ready to stop just yet.  I just wish that spring would hurry, that the unbearable heat will hold off, and that I didn't have this nagging thought in my mind that I'm already behind.



  1. I have had this feelign as well. It's funny to have it described so well right here. Excellent post, I wish you luck in next years madness

  2. natelovestruck - thank you. You're right, I think we all have that 'itching to get out but can't' feeling in late winter.


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