Friday, February 4, 2011

Look-y! Look-y!

Thrill upon thrill - the seeds are sprouting!

Doesn't that just make your skin goose-bumpy?

Mr. Holleygarden wanted you to know that those are *his* cabbage seeds sprouting.  I have cabbage seeds sprouting, too, along with brussels sprouts and broccoli.  No tomatoes - yet.  Just give them a couple of days.

Growing vegetables has been a delight, not just for eating, but also for having something to do in the winter when the roses are sleeping.

If you're considering growing vegetables, you can!  I'm using the little Jiffy pellets that are in all the garden centers.  So easy.  Just add water.  The pellets expand to about three times their original height.  Then you just put the seeds in.  The kit has its own dome to act like a miniature terrarium, then you pop the dome off after the seeds sprout.  If you have never started seeds before, try the Jiffy seed starter kit.  Simple and not at all intimidating.  You can Try This at Home!

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