Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Visit to the Eye Doctor

How many people like going to the eye doctor?  Not many, probably.  But it's better than going to the dentist!

Anyway, I needed an appointment with the eye doctor.  Not really for my eye sight.  For frames.

You see, the last time I got glasses I went stylish.  Got some modern, sleek, trendy frames.  And I received lots of compliments.  Still, I absolutely hated them.  What?!?  Why, you say?

Because I couldn't garden with them!  They kept falling off my face while weeding.

So, I went back to the eye doctor to get some frames that function for me.  And when I tried on my new frames, I really tried them out!  I bent completely over as if I was weeding.  The girls in the office were giggling.  Mr. Holleygarden's eyes and mouth flew open.  But I wasn't self-conscious.  Gardening is what I DO.  (FYI, I had on pants!)

I love my new glasses.  They are great gardening tools.  I can see aphids.  They protect my eyes from thorny rose stems.  And now, they stay on my face, even when weeding!  Wahoo!

The rose picture has nothing to do with it, but I thought you'd enjoy looking at something pretty.

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