Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cinnamon Treat!

Most people only look at crape myrtle trees in the summer, when they are in their glory blooming.  And that is a fine time to stop and stare at the beautiful adornment of their delicate yet numerous flowers.  But if that is the only time you look at Lagerstroemia x fauriei 'Natchez', you are missing out on one of its most spectacular qualities.  You see, 'Natchez' is an eye-catcher whether in summer bloom (its blooms are white) or its naked winter splendor.  

Look a little closer and you will see it's beautiful, cinnamon colored bark:

Starting out gray, the bark peels like a snake that has outgrown its skin:

Some people wonder if the tree has a disease.  And I admit, the shed bark does look a little odd until it is blown away by the wind:

But when it has completed its peel, the smooth branches are as beautiful as a butterfly that has emerged from its cocoon:

I have six of these trees.  Here are three of these glorious beauties:

'Natchez' is the only crape myrtle with this unusual feature.  The rest of the crapes, as far as I know, have regular gray tree bark that does not peel.  They must be so jealous.


  1. They ARE glorious beauties and I love the cinnamon color of their bark. I'm not familiar with that tree so I'm guessing it won't grow in my zone 5 gardens... so I'll just have to admire it in yours! Please post about it when it blooms. You have a lovely blog. I'll come visit again!

  2. Carolyn - No, sorry, they only grow in zones 6b to 9. Thanks for your comments. I look forward to having you visit again.

  3. I love the shedding cinnamon bark. They have a nice form also, especially planted in a row like yours. Welcome too.I see you are pretty new to blotanical.

  4. gardenwalkgardentalk - Yes, I am quite new to blotanical. Thanks so much for coming by, and for commenting.


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