Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Fight

It seems like the fighting never ends, though there are breaks now and then.

And now, it's started again.  On go the gloves.  Back goes the hair.  I'm ready.

Round 1
So many weeds!  Mother Nature!  It's only February!  Pow!
Mother Nature - 1, Holleygarden - 0

Round 2
These weeds are coming up pretty easily.  So glad I've got soil that I've amended for years.  Kaboom!
Mother Nature - 1, Holleygarden - 1

Round 3
Hey!  That's not fair!  You're taking half my soil with the weed roots!  Bam!
Mother Nature - 2, Holleygarden - 1

Round 4
Mother Nature!  How can that be?  These weeds are flowering already!  Is that legal?  Whack!
Mother Nature - 3, Holleygarden - 1

Round 5
I've weeded this bed so many times it's almost weed free!  Bop!
Mother Nature - 3, Holleygarden - 2

Round 6
How can you get these weeds in the ground cover like that?  And under the tree roots?  And - not fair! - right on top of the bulbs I'm not supposed to disturb!  Blewy!
Mother Nature - 4, Holleygarden - 2

Round 7 
What kind of weed is this?  It itches!  I'm itching all over!  My arms are turning red!  Oh, wait - that's sunburn! Pow!
Mother Nature - 5, Holleygarden - 2

I'm tired, coach.  Thanks for the water.  Can I just sit here for a minute?  OK, OK, I'll go back in.  I'll go back in for all the gardeners.

Round 8 
I'm mad now, Mother Nature!  I'm determined!  I'm getting these stinking weeds out of here! Take that! Whack!
Mother Nature - 5, Holleygarden - 3

Round 9 
What a long root!  Oh, you almost won that one - but I got it!  I got it all! Bam!
Mother Nature - 5, Holleygarden - 4

Round 10
Hey, Mother Nature!  Again I call foul!  Fire ants!  Aagggghhhh!
                  1-2-3 OUT!

Knockout!  Mother Nature wins the match.  But the fight will go on.  Tomorrow's fight might get bloody, though.  Mother Nature has put briers in the rose bushes.

I'm tired, I'm sunburned, I'm itching, I've got fire ant bites.  I'm going to the showers.


  1. HolleyGarden, that is the funniest post I have read in a while!! You are the only person I know who can laugh at weeding time. I have been weeding for ages myself (my poor back!)

    I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. I hope I am the first one:-)

  2. Thank you Holley Garden, for the deep laugh and yet feeling empathy at the same time. It does sometimes feel like there is a match going on. A fight to control that which does not care to be controlled. Fun post! I hope you enjoyed the shower and that the ant bites do not swell and continue to itch.

  3. No one ever said Mother Nature was a lady... She fights dirty! You got in a few good blows, though, champ - I'm sure you'll win the next bout.
    (Hope the fire ant bites aren't too bad!)

  4. Masha - it's either laugh or cry, I suppose. There's just no getting around it. Thanks for the award! I appreciate it.

    Carol - Yes, it's something we all gardeners have to do. I'm almost immune to the ant bites, I've been bit so much. Honestly, I'd rather have an ant bite than poison ivy! It's truly Mother Nature's revenge.

    Cher - thanks. Weeds are the common denominator of all gardens.

    Stacy - You're right. She can be downright rude at times! Actually, I've noticed less fire ants these last couple of years than before. Maybe the snows we've had have had an impact on them. (fingers crossed, anyway)

  5. I tell people, I enjoy weeding, much to their amazement, But yours, ouch!!

  6. Alistair - Yes, I think weeding is half the work of being the gardener. Wish it was all just planting plants! I hope you never get fire ants in Scotland.


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