Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"One Misty Moisty Morning,

When Cloudy was the Weather,"

So starts the Mother Goose nursery rhyme.  I feel like I'm in the nursery rhyme each morning when I open the shade.  And we're supposed to get freezing temperatures for several days in a row!  Just when I thought spring was coming soon!  February is always the cruelest month for us Texas gardeners.

Oh, February, February, please go away.
I want the sun to come out and stay.

Oh, February, February, please go soon.
I have seeds to be sown.

Spring will come when you are gone.
Though the shortest month, you are so long.

Butterflies need to come out and play.
Vines on poles long to sway.

Bees are waiting for you to go.
Roses want to bloom, and so...

Hurry by, cold February haze,
And on to spring and garden days.



  1. I love the picture and totally agree with the sentiments. It is thinking and dreaming of the roses blooming again that gets me through the grey, damp, cold winter months.

    1. Oh, I agree - I keep looking out my window on these winter days and dream of when the roses will start to bloom! :)


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