Thursday, January 13, 2011

#1 Newbie Rose Grower Mistake

If you are new to growing roses, I applaud you.  Roses are a beautiful part of any garden.  Whether they take center stage or just are a small part of your garden, roses will give you lots of pleasure.

Should you ask questions when new to growing roses?  Yes!  Emphatically yes!  Even gardeners that have grown roses for years and know all the basics will come across some situation that will generate questions. So, ask away!  But I want to shield you from some embarrassment.  From that big neon sign above your head proclaiming "Newbie, Newbie, Newbie!"

What is the #1 newbie rose grower mistake?  Is it planting, pruning or disease?  No, though these are things you will learn.  The #1 newbie rose grower mistake is calling a Hybrid Tea rose a Tea.  What???!!!!  What could be so bad about calling a Hybrid Tea just Tea?
The Hybrid Tea rose 'Peace'

Well, one of the most confusing things in roses is that these are actually two different classes of roses.  A tea rose is an OGR (Old Garden Rose), mostly a shrub-type rose that is grown predominately in southern zones.  A Hybrid Tea is a modern rose (meaning not an OGR).  More on modern vs. OGRs later.  A Hybrid Tea rose generally is the long stemmed rose most people think of when they think of roses.  There are other differences, too.  Again, more on that later.

For now, just remember to look at your labels, and when you are asking a question, don't call your Hybrid Tea (or HT for short) a Tea.  :)

The Tea rose 'Mrs. Dudley Cross'

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