Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Big Hips You Have!

Rose Hips, that is!

Rose Hips are the seed pods that form on some roses after they have bloomed.  Just like a tomato plant that blooms, gets pollinated (thanks, bees!), and forms a tomato, which has the seeds inside, some roses form hips (instead of tomatoes) which have the seeds inside.  Not all rose bushes do this.  But the ones that do are a nice addition to the interest of the garden in the fall/winter.

Technically, they all should, but if the rose has a lot of petals, the bees may not be able to get in there and do their job.  The above rose hips are from a rose that has open petals, a 'single'.  A 'single' rose is simply a rose with a single row of petals, usually less than 12 petals to the bloom.  The bees have plenty of room to get in the flower and check out that rosy pollen.  Rosy pollen's just got to be yummy!

You can actually grow new roses from these seeds, and one day I'm going to give that a try.  Rose Hip Tea is also brewed from - you guessed it - rose hips.  Rose hips are very high in Vitamin C, and a lot of people swear by this as a cold cure.

Rose hips will vary in size and color, depending on the rose.  Some are small, some are quite large.  Some are orange, some red, some purple, some black!  To help rose hips form on your roses, don't deadhead (take the bloom off) your roses in the fall.

Let's all give a cheer to hippy roses!

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