Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shhhh! Don't tell!

This sweet little scabiosa is confused.

Sure, scabiosa (known as pincushion flower) has a long flowering period - spring to fall.  And this one performed beautifully, with happy little blossoms that sweetly offered themselves to the multitude of bees that visited this summer.

During the fall, when everything else was winding down, it just kept blooming, and blooming, and blooming.  It hasn't quit.  Here it is, in the dead of winter, and everything else is dormant and hibernating, saving their strength for spring.  But not scabiosa.  Although we have had several days of freeze, this little plant just keeps on blooming.  It's definitely going on my "Must Have More Of" list.

If you ever come to visit my garden in the winter, admire it's pretty little blooms.  Silently.  But don't say a word.  Don't tell it that it's not supposed to bloom in the winter.


  1. Hahah. Don't tell the plant he's not supposed to be blooming now. This made me smile. Great post

  2. Stupid Garden Plants - I think this plant would be an ideal candidate for your blog! It's too dumb to know any better!


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