Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Greenhouse, Part 1

This post was supposed to have been about joy.  About success.  Of triumph and victory.  Of excitement. Plans. Dreams.  Because I took the one nice, sunny day we've had in two weeks to put together the greenhouse.

But, it didn't quite work out like that.

First of all, I know before I start that the instructions are going to be horrible.  I've put stuff together before.  And it is ALWAYS frustrating.  But, eventually, somehow, things do get put together and - rejoice! - you have the finished product.

Not this time.

Not only were the instructions horrible as expected, the entire kit almost impossible to put together (again, almost expected these days), but I was missing a piece!!!!!  Argh!

No telling when I'll finish putting the thing together.  :(  But I'll let you know when I do!

Don't you miss the old days when things were well made, well thought out, and had clear instructions?
Oh, and had all the pieces, too????


  1. You'll get it together. Do you know Garden Web? They have a Greenhouse forum with tons of advice and idea.

    My GH doesn't look nearly so swank this winter as it did last year. Home Depot had some inexpensive tropicals this week. I thought I might spiff it up a bit, but their selections were not what I'd hoped. Maybe sow a few seeds soon.

    My Greenhouse in Glory Days 2010

  2. Nell Jean - Your greenhouse is beautiful! Thanks for referring me to a great forum. I now wish I'd gone ahead with the larger greenhouse of my dreams. I just thought this one would be quick and easy! hahaha


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