Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Try This at Home!

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is definitely a plant you should try at home.

1) Evergreen:
A definite plus in the winter.  Small blue flowers may form on rosemary in the spring.

2) Fabulous fragrance:
Rosemary's fragrance is delightful.  It is such a pleasant experience to walk by and take in its scent.  If you get full sun by the front door, rosemary is a nice plant to place nearby.

3) Versatile:
If you want a small leaved evergreen hedge, try rosemary.  It takes well to cutting as well as shearing.  It can be used as a topiary, if you have that certain talent.  During the Christmas season, you can find rosemary trimmed to look like miniature Christmas trees to be given as gifts, or used as decorations.   And they make your home smell so great!  Oh, wait, I've already gone over fragrance.

In addition, there are upright rosemary cultivars as well as prostrate ones.  Prostrate rosemary is beautiful arching over a wall.

4) Functional:
You can cook with it!  It is, after all, an herb.  So, baking and cooking are one reason why many people grow this plant.  Oils flavored with rosemary can be functional as well as decorative.  Rosemary is also a nice addition to potpourri.  Convinced yet?  :)

5) Very drought resistant:
Don't overwater rosemary.  Make sure your soil doesn't retain water.  It likes it dry.

6) Loves the heat:
Does great in 100+ degree F weather! (ask me how I know)  Doesn't really like the cold so much.  You may have to bring yours indoors in the winter if you get weather below 0 degrees F.

1) May be an annual in northern zones
2) May not do well planted in heavy clay or wet climates

So few cons!  Surely you're convinced now!

Have fun growing rosemary!  Yes, you should try this at home!

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