Friday, January 28, 2011

Evergreens in the Garden, Part 3

Edging with plants is a classic look.  I have always loved this look, especially with Liriope muscari.
Liriope in summer
Liriope in winter

I love the way Liriope drapes gracefully over hard surfaces like concrete or brick, has flowers with a nice (but not too showy) purple, and spreads, but not too vigorously.
'Dianthus' in winter
Dianthus in summer

Dianthus is another edging plant that is beautiful in summer when flowering.  There are many, many cultivars of dianthus.  This is 'Firewitch' which has a beautiful grey tone.  Classified as a perennial, it is evergreen in my zone.

Stachys in winter

Stachys is one of my favorite edging plants.  Known as "Lamb's Ears", it is a soft, fuzzy plant that is almost soothing to touch.
Stachys (in front) in summer

 After wrestling with roses (and all those thorns) it is exciting to be able to pet a plant without getting bit!  I've heard this plant can be invasive in the north, but in the hot south, that is not a problem.  

Ajuga reptans is another beautiful edging plant.  Below is the cultivar 'Black Scallop'.  Again, Ajuga may be more invasive in the north, but it needs to be protected from western sun here in the south.  Another perennial that stays evergreen for me.  Plant Ajuga where it will not be harmed by foot traffic.
Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop'

Each of these plants can be useful as an edging or as a ground cover.  Don't you just love variety?

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the evergreens in my garden.  So far, we have looked at hedges in Evergreens in the Garden, Part 1.  And eye-catching accent plants in Evergreens in the Garden, Part 2.

Have we covered all the evergreens in my garden?  Oh, no!  I have many, many more - azaleas, gardenias, loropetalum, nandinas, ... ,  I could go on and on.

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