Thursday, January 6, 2011

Roses already!

No, no blooms.  But purchases!  :)  Well, just one rose purchase so far this year (5 days into the new year).  A 'Europeana' rose.

'Europeana' is a dark red, semi-double rose bred in 1963.  A small rose, it only grows to around 2 to 3 ft. high.  I will plant it in the walking garden, as soon as I  find the right spot.  By the right spot, I really mean a spot where there is nothing planted there yet!  Since I planted a number of bulbs last year, that perfect spot may be hard to find!

And one more, less beautiful, but very important, purchase for the garden:  Dirt!

Yes, I actually paid good money for dirt.  It will go in the raised vegetable garden.  A very important and purposeful purchase.  It's already been delivered.  Now, to just get the shovel out and finish getting the dirt into the vegetable beds.  Ready, muscles?

This is last years vegetable garden:

This year I will enlarge it into a U shape.  I just need a few work days and I will be ready to think about starting seeds! Yippee!

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